New $3 Reward – Antares Probe (from my Patreon page)


The above image is one that I uploaded for my patrons at my Patreon page back in April of this year.  It is one that I created decades ago and, although it is primitive by my current works, it is still full of the inventiveness and imagination I still carry today.  The reason I post it here is that it relates to this reward.  This week’s reward is a jpeg version of a new take on the spider craft in this picture.  The write up is:

“Here is an early version of a design for a planetary probe painting I want to do based on the idea from my pencil drawing “Jumpers”.  I really liked the idea of a mechanical spider like the machines I drew decades ago, but I wanted to make a more modern version.  This project is waiting in the wings because I just needed more time working in gimp to achieve what I wanted.  Working on the Nebula and Termanicz projects are steps in the right direction for learning the blending techniques necessary.  

In addition, each project I do pushes the boundaries of my abilities and opens new possibilities.  Hopefully, I will be able to come back to this image and do it justice.  The black and red color scheme was chosen because when I thought about Antares, especially relating to the space race, those are the colors that came to mind.  I am hoping to create a finish reminiscent of the sixties take on those colors.” 


The Sound of Other Worlds

I have a suggestion for the scientists and technicians working on the next space probe to be sent to a planet with an atmosphere or liquid body to study.  Put a microphone on the probe.  Imaging the response they would get from the public viewing images ,or better yet video if possible, when they heard the sound of the probes wheels grinding through the dust of Mars.  How visceral would the experience be if they listened to the sigh a breeze or roar of a gust of wind.  Imagine hearing the soft gurgle sent back from a probe exploring waters underneath the frozen surface of a moon.  Think of the support such recordings might bring from the public for other projects.


P.S. Maybe even send a separate small probe just for that so all the focus can be on the sound and video of exploring planets.  What a documentary those could make.  They even could see about support from media.