New $5 Reward Tier for My Kickstarter Project

Quiet Strength Kickstarter Project


I have added a new reward tier to my Kickstarter project.  For a $5 pledge, I will send out jpeg files detailing the progression from drawing to finished painting.  You can see where I started and the choices I made to reach the final image, which is great for someone that likes to see how things are done.


Print Funding (from my Patreon page)

The hardest part about trying to fund the prints is making sure people get a reward.  Most of the methods allow for random donation amounts, which I don’t like because I need a specific amount per print to make this cost effective for me to share the reward.  In addition, I would feel bad getting funding from someone that I could not afford to give a reward to.  I would like to be able to say that I need 300 people to pledge $25 or $30 each to make the print run happen, nothing in between or ambiguous.  The only thing I can think to do is give people that decide to donate, but at a lower amount, would be a digital copy of the image or maybe the coloring page I created.  Do you guys think that is a fair compromise?  I want to fund this very badly but I don’t want to rip people off either.  That is just my nature.

Okay Folks, I Need Your Help and Expertise (from my Patreon Page)


I need your help to figure out how to best raise funds for making a print run of my painting “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”.  I want to make a run of 300 that would be a reward for those that fund the print run.  I intend to sign each print along with the sheet explaining the motivation and facts behind the making of this print.  I thought I could do it as a per post/project reward on a Patreon page but I think I would have to make an order each time a pledge is made, which would negate the bulk discount from my printer that would make it possible to sell the reward cheaper.  I pretty much have everything lined up as far as cost and suppliers go, all I have to do is find the best way to fund the print.  I wish I could just order them and sell them but I am not in financial shape to do so. So, can any of you suggest a way to fund this and future prints?  Kickstarter?  Go Fund Me?  Other?

One Surprise as Promised (from my Patreon page)

As promised here is the surprise.  With some money I got for my birthday, I decided to invest in myself by getting several prints made at the size they should be done.  Not only did I reprint “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” at double the file size, I also printed “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” and “Mystics and Misfits” cover without text at double size.  In addition, I tried out different papers.  The new Quiet print was done with premium gloss compared to the old print, which was fine art bright white.  One thing I noted about the gloss print was that humidity affected it more, causing it to hump up.

Mystics and Universal were done on semi-matte.  I like both the fine art bright white and the semi-matte the best.  The matte gives the images just that little bit of pop with the shine, while the fine art make them look more like watercolor paintings.   I admit that I need to make an adjustment on Mystics because the green fog you see on screen at Mystics and Misfits Cover no Typography did not translate as well to the print.  Also, I think having the title will look better because I left a lot of dead space for that reason.

All in all; however, I am insanely pleased at how well these turned out.  You can now see the detail in the tiger’s eye to tell that it is in fact Jupiter and Mars.  I was shocked at how large the Mystic cover turned out to be at double size.  I knew the numbers, but until you actually see your creation in a physical form, you just do not comprehend it.  If you decide to get a print of Mystics at this size, I will direct your attention to the detail of the aliens shirt where I managed to create a really cool pattern.  Also, plan on a later ship because I will ask for a proof on my changes to see how they improve the print before I order it for you.

Finally, here is a breakdown of the prices I will charge for these prints at double size (if you want a double size fine art bright white, I will have to look into it):

Double Size Prints

Mystics and Mysfits Cover No Typography, 1 ” border, Semi-matte – $35 plus shipping and handling

Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness, 1″ border, Semi-matte – $25.75 plus shipping and handling

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Premium Gloss – $23.50 plus shipping and handling

Note: If you want a double sized Quiet on semi-matte or fine art bright white, the prices with change somewhat.  Also, I think it might be better to have a 2″ border because I was always told, when framing, that there should be a lot of border between the frame and image.  I have found that to work but the print price may go up a bit.  Contact me for more accurate pricing.

Original Size

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Fine Art Bright White – $17.50 plus shipping and handling

Print of Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability

Here is the print of my digital painting “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”(4.25 x 11.5 inches with 1 inch border).  I placed the marker beside it to give you a reference as to the size that I stated before I felt should be at least doubled.  Unfortunately, at the current size the eye detail is hard to see and the eyes are key to the image narrative.  I plugged the double size into Picture Salon to check prices and decided on $10 markup to get (8.5 x 23 inches with 1 inch border):

Photo Rag – $50

Ultra Smooth – $40.75

Fine Art Bright White – $29 (image above)

Premium Glossy or Premium Luster – $23.50

before adding in the shipping and handling charges.  If you are interested in a print, send me an email at with your name and address and the paper you would like.  I can’t tell you the difference at this time because I have only done the fine art bright white, which gives the print a watercolor feel.  Once I have your address I can give you a final price and set up a payment method.  As I have said before, I do not have the funds now to order the prints and send when I get the payment.  I actually need the payment now so I can order the print but I might be able to have them ship direct to you, maybe knocking down the shipping.  I will check into that.

The Breath in My Lungs (from my Patreon page)

Art is the air I breath to survive.  Without it the world is dull and lifeless.  When I am tired, yet full of ideas, I get frustrated because my body denies my mind the tools to create its vision.  Lately, that is how I have been feeling.  So much art crashing upon the worn out shore of my body depositing flotsam and jetsam on my craggy coastline.

Finalized print details and I am now waiting to see the full size image.  Printer says there will be no problem doubling the size and using different paper.  When I decide I will get a quote on cost.  I really could use your support on Patreon to build up cash to purchase more proofs of the other images.  I am nearing completion of the planet project and looking forward to starting the Cheetah image.  I may also take a painting I have left unfinished for several years and bring it into the digital realm to see what I can do with it.  The painting is actually an animal scene with an arctic fox and polar bear, which should challenge my skills and show another side of my art.  Of course, there is still the bull rider project.  All said and done, there is a lot I want to work on with more always knocking.

Start of a Beautiful Friendship, I Hope (from my Patreon page)

Well, I decided it was time to get off the fence about prints.  I just sent “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” off to Picture Salon for a test print at regular size to see how well it turns out.  From that I can see how to proceed and see how much it would cost for anyone interested in a print.  I will let you know the results.  If anybody knows anything good or bad about Picture Salon, I would appreciate a heads up.

Side Note:  I have not heard back from Spectrum so I am assuming that it is a no go and moving on.