Honest Slogans for this Years Presidential Race

Here are the slogans I feel best describe the truth of the presidential race in my country:


Trump and Clinton

It’s a Small World After All

I was thinking about Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America great again!” and I felt it was a little disingenuous or inaccurate.  To me a more truthful phrasing would be:


Make America great again by making everyone we don’t like small.


What do you think.

Burning Down the House to Fix it Up

I spent time with my father last night , who is a staunch Trump supporter.  What is so funny is that when he was a working person, he was a staunch Democrat because they were about the working man, but as soon as Obama got into office he became a Republican.  Of course he says it is because of Obama’s policies and his handling of the government.  For the record, he voted for the kind of Republicans that run the House and Senate now; however, the continuing problems of our government are all Obama’s fault and not theirs.  He watches Fox News and thinks they are more about the truth than the other news networks (IMHO they are the worst of the lot of the corporately owned and controlled news outlets).

When talking about supporting Trump he says that our government needs shaking up.  Actually, on that point we can agree, but I feel it is not just the government that needs shaking up but our nation as a whole.  However, I don’t see electing Drumpf as a good way to shake this government and country up.  For me it would be like burning the house down so you can remodel the kitchen on the recommendation of a home builder.  We already have a badly run institution controlled by the very people who benefit the most from it.  It is called the Federal Reserve, you know, the one that is tasked with running our banking system and is staffed almost exclusively with ex-bankers.  The very bankers who tanked our economy in 2008 and held us hostage until we paid their bill.  Why would turning over our systematically abused government to a man who has admittedly abused said government through our bankruptcy laws lead to a better result?

As I have stated before, all the things that Republicans are hollering about when denouncing Trump are the things they have been putting into law for decades now.  Basically, Trump is the poster child for the Republican policies of taking credit for others work and denying responsibility for the mistakes of their own.  Here is a man that inherited his wealth and has squandered it several times and gone bankrupt at least twice to save himself at the cost of the people who worked for or supplied him.  A man who has cheated on his wife in a very public way.  He has shown that his image is more important than those around him and that he is willing to sell it to anyone who will give him money for it, as shown in the John Oliver video I posted here Here is the truth, ‘nough said. even if it turns out to be a questionable scheme that rips off customers.  His ego is enormous.

With all of these facets to Trump’s nature how can anyone believe that his presidency will be anything other that a big self-serving ego boost?  How can they believe that he will represent the 99% and not the 1%?  He plans to deport all illegal immigrants to save American jobs but says nothing of how much this will cost to enforce or the increase in food and labor costs created by companies having to pay American workers more to get them to do the jobs the immigrants were doing.  How can people believe that his government will be more than short term news buzz actions to incite anger or feed his ego over sound and rational policies?  Hell, all they have to do is look at his campaign and the actions, condoned by him, of his followers.  I love how deluded his followers are when they think he will take care of them when he is more likely to sell them down the river if it is in his own interest.  Seriously, what are these people thinking?