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As I promised, here his an updated version of the story a few posts ago now titled “Argent Solitude”

Argent Solitude


Robert Garbin


The great Moon God stood at the apex of the tallest mountain in his cold demesne and stared into the heavens that were alive with stars, glory undimmed.  He was jealous.  Jealous of their millennia long conversations, their fiery hearts.  It wasn’t that he hated his cold lifeless kingdom, it was achingly beautiful with its argent glow, but it was lonely.  The Earth had all that life to keep Gaia on her toes.  All he had was the Suns stellar winds etching lines slowly over his lands.

With a sigh, the Lord of the Moon turned to climb down the shining, powdery slope when something whizzed past him slamming into the ground.  The talc like powder of his home sprayed high into the air.  Slowly the dust settled down to the surface around the new scar upon the Gods pristine land.  Stomping over to the cooling rim of the rather small crater, the Moon God expected to see nothing but the burnt remains of some piece of solar system flotsam.  What he found perplexed him at first.

Indeed there were traces of metal, but they actually had shapes.  Also, they were in better shape then he believed possible.  The God picked up the rapidly cooling object to study the hard lines and squared off shape, which was covered in strange markings.  “Now where did this come from, ” he thought.

Just then, the earth began to rise over the horizon and, though he couldn’t say how, he was sure the object had come from Gaia.  It was her way of saying she was thinking of him and that he wasn’t alone.  After a time, a brilliant smile spread across his face then he began the long trek back to his castle.

Second Go

The Great Moon God, frost-pale skinned and white-gold haired, stood silently upon the apex of the highest mountain in his demesne, staring at the heavens alive with stars their glory undimmed.  He was jealous.  Not for lack of beauty was this powerful God jealous.  His kingdom held desolation so glorious that his heart ached to describe it, light so cold his tongue froze to speak of it, and land so soft his whisper alone created tempest.  No, the Moon God was not jealous of the beauty of the stars and their fiery Gods.  He was jealous of their company.

The God of the Sun and all his brethren felt the surrounding planets were beneath their notice.  Star Gods held era long conversations over distances so vast that the Moon God’s birth billions of years ago was but a good morning to them.  How was such as he to engage the interest of these Gods?  As for the other planets, only Earth and Gaia were close enough to see easily and Gaia had little time for him with all that life scampering across her kingdom.

With a low sigh, the Great Moon God turned his ice-blue eyes toward his castle far across the crushed velvet plain and began climbing down the mountain.  Unexpectedly something whizzed past his head to slam into the powder at the base of the mountain.  A haze of fine talc sprayed into the void.  When the Moon God reached the site, the dust particles had begun their return to the surface to form a bright ejecta pattern around the remains of the object.

He was mildly surprised to see more than pulverized flotsam from the solar system in the small crater.  Apparently the object had tried to land instead of crash into his domain.  The Moon God picked up a piece of shiny metal that was almost whole and found markings he could almost consider to be writing.  “Now just where did you come from,” he ruminated?

He turned his cold gaze back to the mountain, which the Earth was just beginning to rise over.  Not knowing how, he was sure it had come from Gaia.  She had somehow managed to train those incorrigible monkeys to make this object and send it here.  She was thinking of him, a reminder that he wasn’t alone.  The Moon God swung back toward the long trek home while a cold smile melted the glacier of his continence.


Positivity From an Unexpected Source (from my Patreon page)

Most of my adult life I have been considered to be a negative person.  If you look at a lot of my earlier posts you may find it easy to go along with this point of view; even I have believed it.  However, if you take time to read enough of the short stories I have posted on my Patreon page, you will find a surprising reality.  Many of my stories have up beat endings.

Some spoilers ahead, “Dragon Dreams”, while full of battle and strife, is essentially a dream come true for Jason Conners.  He becomes a creature that can turn his creativity into a reality through dreams.  What writer/artist would not love that.  The story “Cast the First Stone” deals with the end of Nazi Germany in a very brutal and graphic way with the death of Hitler, yet it holds out hope for us all with the potential for redemption.

My artwork almost always focuses of the beauty of life.  “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” deals with the potential man has to destroy the majestic tiger.  However, the image is very beautiful and vibrant and the symbolism used expresses my love for space, the stars, the planets, and big cats.  “Rodeo” deals with suicide and Hell, but the story that accompanies this painting ultimately is about hope and salvation.  So while even I sometimes believe that I am a negative person, my stories and artwork paint a different picture.

One Surprise as Promised (from my Patreon page)

As promised here is the surprise.  With some money I got for my birthday, I decided to invest in myself by getting several prints made at the size they should be done.  Not only did I reprint “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” at double the file size, I also printed “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” and “Mystics and Misfits” cover without text at double size.  In addition, I tried out different papers.  The new Quiet print was done with premium gloss compared to the old print, which was fine art bright white.  One thing I noted about the gloss print was that humidity affected it more, causing it to hump up.

Mystics and Universal were done on semi-matte.  I like both the fine art bright white and the semi-matte the best.  The matte gives the images just that little bit of pop with the shine, while the fine art make them look more like watercolor paintings.   I admit that I need to make an adjustment on Mystics because the green fog you see on screen at Mystics and Misfits Cover no Typography did not translate as well to the print.  Also, I think having the title will look better because I left a lot of dead space for that reason.

All in all; however, I am insanely pleased at how well these turned out.  You can now see the detail in the tiger’s eye to tell that it is in fact Jupiter and Mars.  I was shocked at how large the Mystic cover turned out to be at double size.  I knew the numbers, but until you actually see your creation in a physical form, you just do not comprehend it.  If you decide to get a print of Mystics at this size, I will direct your attention to the detail of the aliens shirt where I managed to create a really cool pattern.  Also, plan on a later ship because I will ask for a proof on my changes to see how they improve the print before I order it for you.

Finally, here is a breakdown of the prices I will charge for these prints at double size (if you want a double size fine art bright white, I will have to look into it):

Double Size Prints

Mystics and Mysfits Cover No Typography, 1 ” border, Semi-matte – $35 plus shipping and handling

Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness, 1″ border, Semi-matte – $25.75 plus shipping and handling

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Premium Gloss – $23.50 plus shipping and handling

Note: If you want a double sized Quiet on semi-matte or fine art bright white, the prices with change somewhat.  Also, I think it might be better to have a 2″ border because I was always told, when framing, that there should be a lot of border between the frame and image.  I have found that to work but the print price may go up a bit.  Contact me for more accurate pricing.

Original Size

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Fine Art Bright White – $17.50 plus shipping and handling

A Little Imagery Before Bed

Tides of Light

by Robert Garbin

Tides of light wash upon gravity’s shore,

Motes of matter given blessed life’s sustenance,

Tiny steps long forgotten from time before,

Dead and cold anon our ancient utterance.

Columns of gaseous kelp ungulate in seas radioactive,

Pulled round clumps of density that warp,

Night sky made grand and sublimely attractive,

Infinities oceanic symphony for heaven’s harp.

Star-ship Terra

Here is another odd thought that rattles around in my cranium.   Consider a super advanced race wanting to create a generational spaceship to take life on a long space journey.  Not a new or original idea, there are many science fiction stories out there with huge ships that are filled with levels, including sections filled with lush forests and farm lands to feed the crew and colonists.  However, most stories take the familiar view of life being sustained on the inside of the craft, which is how we most associate space travel from a historical viewpoint.  All our practical knowledge of space travel comes from human missions in small metal vehicles.  Science Fiction stories have replaced the metal with the stone of an asteroid in some cases, but the idea is essentially the same.

Now, consider a race so advanced that they could make planets and suns.  What if they created an entire solar system to maintain one specific planet to serve as the space ship on a journey so long that even a metal star-ship would not do?  What if they made a spaceship on such a grand scale that it was a living, breathing, and evolving solar system?  That is essentially what we are on.  Many people get the concept that we fly through space on earth as we circle the sun, but I wonder how many people think about the fact that the entire solar system is on a longer journey through the galaxy and the universe as a whole?  We are on a multi-generational voyage to some unknown part of the universe.  Will our progeny live to see the end of our trip?  Think about it.