Put Your Word Where Your Mouth is!

Here is a little over six month review of the changes made to this blog since I began reflecting content from my Patreon page here:

Blog Followers are up from 114 to 166, a 31% increase

Blog Views are up from 344 to 527, a 34.7% increase

Blog Visitors are up from 260 to 346, a 24.8% increase

Blog Likes are up from 149 to 277, a 46.2% increase

The take away is that the seven month numbers are substantially up against the entire year of 2016, which happened to be the best year ever for this blog.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, because I have to ask you a favor.  When I started changing this blog it was in support of the launch of my Patreon page that I hoped would become a vehicle for achieving a measure of artistic success and hopefully supplement the income from my day job.  As part of this attempt to have an artistic life, I gave myself a year from the beginning of 2017 to make it an  ongoing venture.  Over six months have gone by and while the blog is enjoying success, my Patreon site is not.  There are going to be some things I will look at shortly to make the page more attractive, maybe even switch to a per project model.  Your feedback would be most helpful; however, your support would be better.  If not financially, then by word of mouth, because the more people who visit this blog, the more chances I have of gaining patrons.

Please, if you like what I am doing, tell your friends who like science fiction/fantasy art and writing to visit this blog.  Send them a link.  I come from a long history of retail work and one thing I know is that out of the people who shop, only a small percentage actually buy, so the more you get to shop the better your chance of a sale.  With enough shoppers you can make a living.  I need to make a living.  Please help me get more shoppers.  Promote my site on your blog, tell your friends, become a patron,or even give me advice.

If the situation does not improve, I will have to switch gears and look for a second job to get my financial situation under control.  I will probably find little time to work on projects or post to the blog, which is something I enjoy.  So send me your starving science fiction fans.


I will leave you with a content breakdown so far from my Patreon page Robert Garbin’s Patreon page:

7 Short Stories

18 image files

Painting Projects Completed 2 with one nearing completion and another far along

Two Art Projects in Preparation

Poem in the works

Horror Story started


Shaky Hands (from my Patreon page)


One of the hard things I have discovered in painting digitally is doing fine detailed straight lines from drawings.  I stopped using the reference drawing as a guide for doing the work on the ship because the reference lines were too thick to see what I was painting under them if it is a layer above and not much help if it is below.  Also, to better achieve the straight lines of all the aztec designs in the model, I have had to go to 400% magnification where normally I am working at 50%.  Still I am correcting line angles and dropping back to 50% magnification to see the overall effect.  So much work.

I Must be Crazy! (from my Patreon page)

Why, oh why did I decide to make all those gray patches on this ship?  I haven’t even finished the under-paint because I am working on getting the mottled pattern painted in first.  It is like playing some strangely slow Tetris game without music and I appear to be losing, which in this case would be good because the ship would be covered.  Anyway, here is an updated image with more of the surface covered and glows around all the light posts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Title (from my Patreon page)

I just wanted to let you know the speed paint (lol) planet project is no longer a random project without a name.  The image is now title “Linear Thinkers in a Nonlinear Universe”, which goes a long way to my view of how people handle a universe full of suprises.

Stop Twisting my Arm! (from my Patreon page)


Here is a first look at the ship in progress for the planet/nebula painting.  As you can see, I went for something really strange.  What I liked about this idea was that it was really linear, boxy, and had a lot of straight lines, which is totally opposite of the rest of the painting.  Everything else is curved and organic feeling where the ship intrudes with its blocky self.  Still a way to go yet but I like the glow I got on the ship lights, even when transferred to the painting.

What the &;$#*!$ is that Thing (from my Patreon page)

Well the ship, if you can call it that, is progressing slowly.  I copied it onto the main painting a couple of times just to play with it and see how it worked but there is a way to go.  I have to tell you that it doesn’t make much sense as a ship; however, I never claimed to be a good modeler.  I hope you enjoy it anyway when I reveal the finished project.

Robert Garbin’s Patreon page

She Doesn’t Look Like Much but She has it Where it Counts (from my Patreon page)

I decided that the planet/nebula painting needed a space ship and boy did I come up with an odd one.  Now the trick is to make it look good, which is a challenge for me as I told you when I was working on the Y-wings for the Carrie Fisher tribute.  However, if I can fit it into the painting I think this will be the correct ship for the image.