Sunlight Glimmering Beneath the Waves


I have made a lot of progress, bringing this painting near its end.  Eventually I will merge most of the layers so that I can center the image better but that can wait.  I like how the various major areas that I have worked on separately are now starting to blend into a cohesive whole.

Swirling Shimmers of Colorful Seadragon


Well, I have made lots of progress.  I am starting to connect the larger areas with more detail and smother color transitions.  As you can see, the front two spine extensions have been heavily worked on.  I was surprised when I took a closer look at the second one on my reference photo that I saw hints of the light blue from the stripes there.  So many subtle color changes to try to achieve.  I really needed this.

Making Waves


I have made a lot of progress working along the neck that I am happy with.  I decided to put here against a darker background so you can see how well the colors pop.  Also, you can better see the first spine fins along the top neck better this way.  Once things are done, I will make it permanent.

Seadragon Awake


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  There has not been any progress to report about the on going project because work and life in general has been kicking my fanny.  I am really tired and my one foot is seriously been hurting from being on it all day.  I don’t like myself when I get this run down because I start eating too much out of boredom and looking for the energy to combat sleepiness.  I also get very irritable, which makes working on paintings difficult.  However, I just had some days off from work and decided to begin painting Sarah Seadragon.

I jumped away from the Nautilus shell because I needed more color to spark my interest and the Urchin was too monochrome to push on with at this time.  I plan to get back to them, but for now, Sarah takes center stage, appropriate since she is the lead character.  I love how there are subtle suggestions of color everywhere.  Her fins have touches of orange and green in them, while here body transitions from dark blue/black to yellow and back again, with hints of orange too.  I also like how the darker areas feel like they are painted over the yellow, which is why I when for that as the base color.  This looks even better on a dark background but then I cannot see the drawing for reference.  I will switch it later.


In addition, I am hoping to spend some time developing the above Moray Eel based dragon into a paintable image.  I had doodled this some time ago trying to come up with a unique idea for a dragon.  I have been trying to come up with a dragon design of my own for several decades now without much success.  For some reason, I seem to have a mental block when it comes to creating my own beastie.  I have been a fan of Michael Whelan’s and M. Pena’s dragons for most of my life and put a lot of pressure upon myself to come up with a fantastic image.  We’ll see.

Waxing Poetic

Tides of light crash upon shores of gravity, bearing life to the shoals bordering the ocean of infinity.

Whoa!  Yeah, that just popped out there when I was thinking about explaining the changes I have had to do to the nebula project.  With the expanding shockwave of the stars explosion looking like water washing up on a shore, what else could I do.  Anyway, I was not happy with the way the regions in the expanding rings looked so I kept adding color and re-smudging them, hoping to make it work.  I finally think those regions are turning around.  I will be glad when I get it mostly done because I really need to step up the planet work to justify keeping it.