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The biggest lie mankind has told itself and continually bases decisions on is that humans, for the most part, are rational beings.  I dare you to sit and think of one thing mankind has done that has not been perverted, abused, or taken for granted.  If mankind were rational, would we still have wars, murder, or rape?  Would we have arguments over silly things because we no longer see what is really bothering us?  Would there be greed, corruption, or lust?  Our very irrational nature, do to the multitude of variables in our physical make-up, will eventually be our undoing.  Not because we have them, but because we failed to learn to account for them.  If we do not account for greed, corruption, hate, lust, violence, etc. in our governing processes, they will grow unchecked.  To put it bluntly, humans are ruled by their emotions, which are in turn greatly affected by nature.  Changes in our environment will change our own reactions because, like it or not, we will always be a part of it.  Even more important, we are all connected in this world.  There is nothing that you do that will not have an effect on everyone else in the world.  Welcome to chaos theory 101.  Thus, the irrational/emotional actions of someone in China will affect you and vice versa.

Why Fund Arts? (also on my Patreon page)

Our illustrious leader has sent a budget to congress with the idea that we can no longer fund a program without concrete evidence of its effectiveness.  Putting aside the reality that many of the programs he plans to cut impact large segments of our population, while requiring less money per person than if the resources were not pulled together by the government, there is the fact that the results of these programs can not easily be distilled down to profit/loss statements.  Also, put aside that the so-called savings will be offset by increased military spending and tax cuts for the wealthy.  Well one of the programs to be cut is the Endowment for the Arts.

I find it laughable that the President and the people he has surrounded himself with are so clueless as to the amount the arts affect the world around them and us.  Do you have an Iphone, twitter account, or television?  Well all of these are influenced by the arts.  The screens on your Iphone and the layout of Twitter were all designed by graphic artists who may have gotten support or been influenced by someone whom got support from the Endowment for the Arts.  Graphic Artists design how our cars, computers, and appliances look.  They give your favorite websites the style that catches your eyes.

Musicians make the music for your TV shows and Movies, making them more entertaining and life more enjoyable.  They play the songs writers create or create them themselves.  The commercials our economy depends upon feature music from all walks of life to connect with customers on an emotional level, including ads for political candidates.  Writers come up with the stories that become the movies we can’t wait to see.  They also write the commercials that help businesses survive, as well as the manuals that help their customers use their products.  Writers even come up with the lines in political ads.

Wow, there sure seems to be a strong case here for the benefits of the arts.  Without all the things creative people do for business, our economy would be much weaker than it is.  Hell, the Iphone’s ability to stream live music and television is a major selling point and they seem to constantly be trying to improve those abilities.  What would be the point of that without the arts?  The days of the public being wowed by watching a train arrive at a station, one of the first examples of motion pictures, are long gone.  Providing content solely by what we observe is in the past; now the public demands more and you can’t get that without art.   So, does funding the arts have an impact?  Hell yeah, if you aren’t stupid or greedy.

Art Does Matter (from my Patreon page)

I want to make a case for funding the arts for obvious reasons and I don’t mean because I am an artist.  Of course, I am an artist so I do lean toward an artistic point of view.  Also, the arts are more than just images, they are music, they are writing, and they are theater.  How many of these affect your life?  Well, by how much money actors, singers, and writers can and do make, I would say a lot.

Where to begin?  First, let us deal with the fact that Republicans once again want to scrape funding for the endowments to the arts and public television, which make up a small percentage of the governmental budget.  Why do they target these programs?  One, they are rich and can afford to get any art, entertainment, and learning for said they want so they feel they shouldn’t have to be taxed to help people who cannot afford access to same.  Classic “if it does not benefit me directly, I don’t want to pay for it”.  Unfortunately, it does benefit them greatly but they are too myopic and greedy to see that.  I will explain later.  In addition, they are not the only ones being taxed for these programs and the voters should have more say in what is cut.  You know, that whole  “taxation without representation” jazz the Republicans spew when it is not in their favor.   Two, cutting such programs make them look like they are fiscally responsible without having to dig into programs that benefit their largest donors.  Note, I do not say base because their base does not count, only their largest donors.  Finally, the artistic community is in general one of their biggest oppositions, so it is logical to do all they can to undermine that sector.

Now, let us focus on why the arts need funded.  The basic reason, and one that is directly in their favor, is that the arts take peoples minds off their woes.  After dealing with all the pressure of work, what is one of the first things people reach for to relax, TV – entertainment.  What makes entertainment possible?  Art, music, and theater.  The arts help soothe the frustrations we all feel.  Music calms the savage beast.  Next, the arts directly influence scientific discovery.  How many times have you heard that Star Trek has influenced a scientist or astronaut to become who they are?  How many ideas have been generated from artistic endeavors?  Also, the arts help to relax the minds of people so that they can better focus on the work tasks that are given to them.  Finally, by limiting art access to only those you are willing to pay for directly, you risk becoming frozen in a set of artistic values that will eventually erode their worth.  You in effect create a stagnant pond that begins to have a negative affect on scientific and technological creation.  How many great artistic and technological innovations have come from random citizens in our country?  The bigger the pool of talent, the better the results.

So, are the arts important?  Hell yes!  Where do the Republicans think the ideas for their ad campaigns come from?  Where do they think the ideas for wrist watches and cell phones came from?  Star Trek and Dick Tracy!  How do scientists and movie makers visualize for the public their ideas?  Artwork!  Where do scientists and engineers get a lot of their ideas about the future from?  Science Fiction Writers!  Life without the arts would be dull, meaningless, and dangerous.  Hey, I can understand that cuts need to be made, but you don’t have to totally wipe out these important programs.  Try dipping into all the items in the governmental budget evenly and quit lining your pockets with our tax dollars/future.  Quit shifting the burden solely onto the middle class you claim to care for so much.  Try trimming some of that corporate welfare fueling the 350 to 1 income differential between the top 1% and middle class incomes.  Take your stinking paws off the arts you damn dirty apes!

Here are some signs for you

Here are some signs I made for those who want to express their feelings.  They are free to use, just don’t change them.





Addendum to my post “Building a Great Wall”


John Oliver says it all here.  I have actually talked to someone about the wall and their reply was that they basically didn’t care.  I told them it would do no good and they agreed.  They still didn’t care, even though it is abundantly clear that Americans like him and I will be paying for it and getting no concrete safety out of it.  These same people hate paying taxes to feed the poor but will give up billions on a futile gesture that shows just how unchristian they really are.  How do you change that dialogue without losing your mind?  I am firmly convinced that half of America should be put in straight jackets for their and our safety.

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Building a Great Wall

History Repeats Itself

Confusion in the government and divisiveness by the republicans will open the door as it did in 2000.

Here is my two pennies worth.

Well, things are as they are.  I don’t like it because for all the religious backing of our current government, most of the actions and goals given do not fit the christian ideals preached by Christ.  However, my thought is that protesting through violence isn’t the answer either.  You just end up making them feel more righteous about what they are doing.  Also, you draw out more violent reaction leading to further repression.

My answer, stop paying them.  What?  I don’t pay them.  Ah, yes you do.  Every time you go to the pump, every time you buy a gadget, every time you eat out, you feed the economy that feeds the 1% who feed and control this government.  All along, you have cried foul at the things they were doing then turned around and paid them money to continue doing it.  That is why I have said on many occasions we are all to blame for this.  Since no one is willing to do without stuff they really don’t need, the ugliness continues to go on.

Why should they change when your money keeps telling them you don’t really mind what they are doing?  That is how we lost jobs to Mexico and China.  It isn’t because those countries stole them, it is because we bought the cheap stuff they made even when we were told it fed the machine of the people leading it.  Our own petty greed for the next Iphone or digital camera gave CEO’s the incentive to continue outsourcing.  Steve Jobs was a bastard in real life, cheating our country out of millions of dollars, watch the stories about him.  Just because he made such a wonderful toy for you does not change the facts.  Hell, Thomas Edison was a thief stealing movies from the first French director and making millions.  As long as you fling wads of cash at them, they will keep getting stronger.

The only way to truly wake them up is to hit their pocket books.  Cut back, do less, pay off your credit cards and debt, and live within your means.  I know it sucks because I am already living it.  I have mentioned my situation before and I am doing without a lot to remedy it.  I would be so damned happy to be able to cut up the one credit card I have and pay with cash, because I am sick of how much power I am giving them with my interest payment.  If you want to see the 1% brought to their knees, drop out of the economy as much as you can.  If a half of the population in this country cut their spending in half the Government and Rich would be shitting bricks.  We need to make them understand that without us building or servicing their products and, also, buying them, they would be nothing.  We are the ants; they are the grasshoppers.

Will it hurt?  Hell yes, you can’t shake the economy we have without jobs being lost.  The 1%’s only response to a slowed economy is to fire people for which they praise themselves for making tough decisions (to me, keeping people and making it work is a harder choice, but hey).  The other choice you have is to keep telling them that you don’t mind getting less and less out of your paycheck by buying more of their product.  Your choice, risk losing your job or send yourself and your children to economic slavery to the 1%.  Their plans are moving us in that direction.

Do without.  Give to the poor.  Learn to play cards and fix up your house.  Re-find family time.  Stop giving the 1% the money and the power that goes with it.  Yeah it sucks to do without, just ask those who lived through the Great Depression and WWII.  Let’s try to be like the Greatest Generation instead of what I have come to see as, the Worst Generation, the Generation that could not live without even if it had meant bringing our sons and daughters home from the middle east wars earlier.