What’s in a Name

I have added some more to “Lost Contact” and wanted to talk to you about one of the many challenges in writing fiction, creating names.  I was faced with this problem on several levels for this section of the story, because I wanted to write about the planet where Jack Carson meets his demise.  First of all, not only did I have to come up with his name in the first place, but now I had to come up with the name for a planet.  You can’t just plug anything in either.  It has to sound good.

While I was working on that planet’s name, I realized I had not named the planet Jack was currently on or the star of the planet he was going to.  Should I name a real star or make one up?  Will the planet have its own name or be named as a number of the stars name?  Oh, by the way, that got me to thinking of the name of the ship that transports Jack to the star system.  Damn!  This kind of stuff grows exponentially to me.

Well anyway, the star is called Erindi, the planet is called Erindi II, and the ship is the Strange Inquisitor.  I had fun naming the ship.  Well, that is it for now, but I still have to come up with a last name for Allison along with other things I will unfortunately think of later.  Be glad I am not ranting about coming up with titles and paragraph headings this time.