Just an Observation

The biggest lie mankind has told itself and continually bases decisions on is that humans, for the most part, are rational beings.  I dare you to sit and think of one thing mankind has done that has not been perverted, abused, or taken for granted.  If mankind were rational, would we still have wars, murder, or rape?  Would we have arguments over silly things because we no longer see what is really bothering us?  Would there be greed, corruption, or lust?  Our very irrational nature, do to the multitude of variables in our physical make-up, will eventually be our undoing.  Not because we have them, but because we failed to learn to account for them.  If we do not account for greed, corruption, hate, lust, violence, etc. in our governing processes, they will grow unchecked.  To put it bluntly, humans are ruled by their emotions, which are in turn greatly affected by nature.  Changes in our environment will change our own reactions because, like it or not, we will always be a part of it.  Even more important, we are all connected in this world.  There is nothing that you do that will not have an effect on everyone else in the world.  Welcome to chaos theory 101.  Thus, the irrational/emotional actions of someone in China will affect you and vice versa.


Would Christ Break the law?


Hell yes, if he thought the law was bad or being used to oppress/misguide us.  He broke the laws of the old testament regularly by healing on the Sabbath.  When he overturned the tables of the money lenders at the temple, he would have been arrested in our country for disorderly conduct as he would have been then.  So yes, Jesus would break the law, especially the American immigration law, considering he gave up his life for all of us not just ignorant Americans.

Christ lived and died to show us that the laws are not enough.  Before he came, God had given the Jewish people all kinds of laws to keep them from straying into evil, yet, time and again they fell from the path and worshiped the golden calf.  With humans laws will never be enough.  For one thing we are the ones who create most of them, as well as, administer them.  “Thou shall not murder” is one of the ten commandments of God and in two thousand years has murder stopped happening given the thousands of laws the world and the United States have published.  Even making murder punishable by death, not a new thing supporters of capital punishment, has stopped murder from happening.  There will always be someone who thinks they are above the law, can get away with it, or fails in the heat of emotion.  This is what humans do.

We all know how bad war is and that innocent lives get wasted; however, time and again man wars upon man.  Two thousand years after Christ’s death and resurrection, we still go to war.  What part of murder, death, destruction, torture do we feel serves the commandments of God, his laws.  Maybe it is because so many that beat the drums of war never have to live with the consequences of it.  Maybe they stayed home and got rich while others sacrificed their lives.  Laws are not enough.

Finally, while I may agree that the LBG community has pushed common sense a little too far, so have the ideologues.  As much as the  ideologues fear and loath the LBG, they have to remember two things.  One, “judge not lest you be judged”.  In other words, let go and let God make the judgement.  It is not your place to make God’s decision about a person’s sin,
if you believe in God.  Second, the LBG community has been around for as long as man has been alive.  In one form or another, through millennia of persecution, they have been around and even the mighty Catholic church has not been immune to their influence.  If anything, the more they are forced to hide, the more bad and twisted incidents occur.  Maybe it is time to stop fighting them and just learn to live with them, leaving the judgement to God or eternity.

Christ came to us to show that laws were not enough.  He showed how they could become corrupted or used to hurt instead of protect.  Compassion, understanding, and love were his message.  Laws are important foundations for making a society but without compassion the foundation will break and throw the whole thing into darkness.  Think of that the next time you want to build a wall to keep starving, desperate people from seeking the very things you take for granted.  Question:  Do Mexicans not love their children as much as Americans such that they would consider breaking a law to improve their chances of survival?  Bones.

Thought for the Day


This one is for the white Christians who like to believe every character in the Bible had to be white.  If that was the case, then Cain was white, which leads to the fact that the first murder was committed by a white man.   Wow, white on white violence and all for the want of attention.