So you Feel Good About Yourself.

Okay, now that the sham of an impeachment trial is reaching its farcical conclusion, I bet 40% of Americans are feeling good about themselves.  Well, good for you, I am not going to rant about your obvious lack of morals and total hypocrisy. Instead, I am going to talk to you about the costs of your choices.

I am not talking about the little costs like more contaminated food due to lack of regulations or increased risk of financial fraud for the same. What I am talking about are national costs. We are all aware of the previous costs to our greed and corruption, the Great Depression, 2008 Wallstreet Meltdown, and 2001 World Trade Center attack. Yes, I said the Trade Center Attack.

The 2001 attack is as much our fault as it was theirs. Our greed and your indifference created the hatred that would cause people to give their lives to hurt us. We let our oil companies guide our government to support murdering dictators for the sake of profits. All over the world we have let our companies exploit cheap labor in ways we would not allow in our own country. No wonder they hate us; we are hypocrites. We are uniting the Arab world like never before under this President.

Yeah, but you say we are the mightiest country with the biggest army in the world. Yet, 2001 still occurred and we lost Vietnam. The leader you have installed is a coward who shrinks from a pissed off Turkish dictator and stabs our allies in the back. He kisses the backside of a Saudi Prince daily, and is taking it up the ass from a Russian President who was a KGB thug back in the day. This man will not be there for you when the costs come bearing down on this country. He will be in a bunker safe and warm.

Okay, the costs. Eventually we will have another financial meltdown because with this administration, also with a majority of the previous ones including Obama, let the fox is guard the hen house.  Wallstreet makes almost all the rules that govern itself and I guarantee they are not in your favor. Also, as happened every previous time, the bulk of the cost will be dumped on the taxpayer while we still have to pay their bonuses. However, that well is dry.

This is just the financial side. Let us look at the potential, I say inevitable, death toll. We thought the first trade center attack was the end of it then came 2001. We were stunned followed by angry. We called them cowards because they didn’t take on our military. Well then we must have been cowards in the Philippines during WWII when we used guerrilla, or terrorist, attacks until we could build up our military. This is a guerrilla war for them. They can’t take us head on. That does not mean they can’t hurt us, remember 2001.

What have we done since then, we have shown them that we will continue being the big dicks in the world, concerned only with greed and racism. In their minds, they are thinking that even destroying two skyscrapers and killing thousands was not enough to change our ways. What does it take? Well, they probably have decided to remove the entire city. Oh, they can’t do that. Well, all you stable geniuses thought they could not destroy two skyscrapers.

These are the things you have set into motion. My hope is that you live to reap the costs that you so callously heaped upon all of America. Remember one thing, nuclear missiles and their radiation do not care if you are rich or white. Atomic Joe is going to have a field day with you idiots.

Reality Begins to Sink in



This video is priceless for the lessons it teaches about hypocrisy and the blindness of cold human hearts.  Hate is well and good for some people to spew, but watch out for the flood of tears when the hate comes home to roost.

Pray Like You Mean It

Just remember everyone, the only thing Republicans can offer as a solution for all the gun violence in America is thoughts and prayers. So, if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, face the gunman and pray the death away. Pray it away like you would your gay neighbor. You could also see if thinking about stopping the bullet works. Let me know how that turns out.


In case you think I believe the Democrats are any better, their solution is to put on a good show then run away and hide.  I haven’t forgotten their little sit in on the Senate floor that ended as soon as the donor, I mean the NRA, er I mean… you get the picture, got mad.  This is why our country is a mess and we have soooooo many mass murders.  Both sides are in the back pocket of all the big money special interests that care more about profit than your life.