Teasing the Month of March (from my Patreon page)

It is time to tease you with next month’s story.  This is a change from what I had planned to place for March but I thought it would be nice to give you guys a hopeful story.

The Sindain have been at war with the Hadar for a thousand years.  Without the warnings sent to them by their God and the Woods of Calling, the Sindain race would have ceased existence for the Woods of Calling returned the youths that entered as warriors and craftsmen to battle the Hadar.  Unfortunately, as the warriors emerged from the woods, artists, singers, and musicians disappeared from Sindain society.  After a thousand years of war, the Sindain were losing hope.

Maia and her brother Diocles will soon take their initiation into adult society by entering the Woods of Calling to receive Sky Father’s directions for the need of the Sindain.  Both are nervous and hopeful for change in the peoples fortunes.  The two siblings are closely bonded and spend much time in the Shrine of Memory where the ancient works of art have been kept for the Sindain to remember better times.

The changes these siblings undergo will ripple through the tribe, changing everything.  Be sure to subscribe to my Patreon page for $1 a moth so that you can read “Lepidoptera” next month.

Writing Update

Just wanted to pass on that I finished Lepidoptera and added it to Mystics and Misfits.  The final word count was 7,427, which is about 263 more words than I estimated.  Also, I finally wrote my introduction to Mystics and Misfits that with Lepidoptera brings the book word count up to 20,864 or 38 pages.   So far this comprises a total of seven stories.  Thanks for all of your encouragement and I hope to continue giving you many positive updates throughout the rest of this year.

Progress Report

Lepidoptera has now reached 6,664 words with maybe another 500 to finish connecting the pieces of three separate but related stories together.  So hopefully soon I will be able to share it with my neighbor, whom will help to tidy it up before I place it in my book and move on to the next story.  This should put the book around almost 20,000 words with plenty of stories to go.  A soft goal at this point is 60,000 words for the book.


For those coming from my old blog I have added a progress meter for a rewrite of a story I ran in one of the monthly flash fiction contests.  For those of you that are new to my blog, I have been writing flash and short SFF stories for several years now with my first due to be published in an anthology soon.  At sffworld.com, we have been running monthly flash fiction contests for about three years now.  There are no prizes other than critical feedback and challenging topics, but the winner of each contest does get to pick the theme for the next contest.  For me, as well as others, it is a place to hone our skills, which I for one have gained greatly.  Lepidoptera (latin name for butterfly) is one such story I wrote that was well received; however, many commented on the feeling of a much larger world that they would like to visit.  The rewrite I am going to undertake will hopefully fulfill that sense of grandness.