It is like Someone Poured Milk into the Rice Krispies of my Mind


I shared this amazing artist’s video with several friends on Facebook but it did not stop there.  My mind exploded with ideas of ways to take my artwork and achieve the same effect, which fits well with the layer method I use in computer works.  So long time followers and newbies, I have plans rattling around my melon that will hopefully bear fruit.  This is a long term project that will require thought, experimentation, and passion.  I will have to try it on a smaller scale then see if I can push the limits with larger sizes.  So, patience and a lot of support from you guys would be much appreciated.

Finding Inspiration (from my Patreon page)

Please take time to browse my favorites at my deviantart page.  You can find them by following the link on the left column of this page and scrolling down on my deviantart page.  I have over 2600 examples of artwork that caught my eye from sketches to paintings and small sculptures to life-size ones.  If you work your way through the pages, you will find an amphibian tiger and a horse made out of driftwood.  You can also find great examples of comic book artistry.  These are the people who drive me to get better at what I do and sometimes make me itch to experiment.  Again, please consider rummaging through because I believe there is something for everyone including landscapes, portraits, and animals, as well as, science fiction and fantasy.