Myth of the Individual

My legs and back are giving me misery tonight so I am doing the only sane thing possible and inflicting my sleeplessness on you.  Anyway, I am going to try writing post differently from the ways I have written others.  I am sure many of you have noticed a confrontational quality toward the ideas I passionately place before you.  If not, it is because I try to infuse each post with thought out arguments and sometimes even a nod to my own failings, but be assured most of my posts on politics and society are born from frustration with small minded people.  By small minded, I refer to people who would rather destroy the person debating with them then give them any merit for being right.

For now; however, I would like to try changing the mold I use in making these posts in hope of finding a better balance in life for me.  However, understand, I still believe passionately in the ideas.  I watch what is going on in society and through historical documentaries, books, and my own memories, I derive the opinions I share with you.  I will always do but I would like to change how I deliver them to you.  Instead of creating a post designed to debate an attitude I feel is hurting people, I wish to tell you only my thoughts on a subject and let you decide what to do with it.

Now with that said, I will begin the discussion on my views of individuality.  In my observation of people defending the rights of individuals, I have seen many people twisting the term to suit their needs.  Interestingly enough, CEO’s of big companies like to say government is impinging on the rights of individuals when they try to regulate an industry.  They fail to explain most times that the regulation comes about because of fraudulent activities.  In other instances, companies fight against individuals by saying that individual is standing in the way of progress and is hurting more individuals.  The individuals being hurt is usually vague or misrepresented (look up the history of the Tennessee Water Authority or any case against a company accused of polluting).  Basically, I have seen the use of the words ” an individual’s rights” used more often to justify someone’s abuse of another’s individual rights.

Here is my two cents on the subject.  There are absolutely, positively no individuals living on the earth right now.  To me, if you believe in the Bible, there was only one individual in this world, Adam.  When he was placed on earth, there was no one else around to affect him other than God.  I mean this in the sense that no other human could affect him as humans do.  Of course, he was still vulnerable to the forces nature exerts on us all, which I feel too many of use do not heed enough.  In other words, the only human influences he would have felt were the ones reflected back at him from nature.

When Eve was created, Adam stopped being an individual.  He could no longer do whatever he wanted within the bounds of nature without causing some reaction in Eve, which in turn would create a reaction in Adam.  Even if Eve had been placed on the other side of the world, Adam would still be affected by Eve’s interaction with nature through chaos theory and the fact that the earth is a closed system.  Granted most of the time it would be negligible but the fact still remains that he would be affected.

Given the fact that they were together in Eden, both their individual rights had to become communal rights.  A series of compromises that allowed them to live together relatively peaceful.  Adam might have been fine taking a dump wherever when he was alone, but Eve might have had a word or two about that.  Just look at the dynamics of your own household.  Flash forward to today.  How can anyone claim to be an individual with the influences of over four billion people bouncing off of them every day.  I mean that literally. Choices made by people on the other side of the world will have a direct impact on you.  A decision to work Chinese laborers harder at a cell phone plant, giving more profit to the company and by proxy the people in charge of that company, may mean your job gets outsourced.  Your individual right to make a living, as championed by many who would actually do this to you, becomes subsumed to the right of a set of individuals to make more money then they could ever need for necessities or even desires.  Hell, a Chinese person driving to work affects the cost of the gas you buy.

More will follow, this is unfinished.