Amber Waves Revisited

As I said, when I posted “Amber Waves”, I planned to expand on the story with my reason for writing it.  The truth of the matter is that I am very much against scientist/businesses/man playing with genetics.  Why?

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I could go on and on but the facts boil down to one undeniable truth, man is nowhere near wise enough to comprehend all the possible outcomes of manipulating the complex workings of DNA.  When we discovered materials that were radioactive, we thought they were safe. Ask the women that painted watch dials with radioactive paint so they would glow in the dark if it was safe.  We thought Asbestos was a wonder product, ask those that died from the cancer it produced if they think we are wise.  If we know so much about our bodies that we feel messing with our DNA is wise, how come we have such a thing as an Opioid epidemic? Why don’t we truly understand cancer and aids?  The truth is that we still do not understand the basics completely enough to play with DNA, let alone chaos theory and its wide reaching tendrils into the workings of our universe.  Then add to all this our continued failings as moral beings.  This is why I believe we should not mess with Genetics, Nuclear Fusion, or Artificial Intelligence.  Not because any of these are inherently evil but that we have shown neither the capacity or the will to tackle these sciences with the care that is needed, just look at our history of repeating mistakes.


Thought for the Day

Everyone agrees that the Nazi’s were horrible people with completely whacked morals that allowed them to kill millions of Jews as if they were doing the world a favor.  History tells us that the United States were the good guys because we stopped them.  We are the moral compass of the world because of this great deed.  Many Americans like to say that we a better than those murdering Nazis since we would not do the kind of things they did.  We use Nazis as a synonym for all the evil things man does to man.  Wait a minute, I seem to remember millions of Negro slaves being mistreated for decades in ways almost as horrible as the Nazis treated the Jews.  I also have a feeling that the American Indians might have a few stories to tell about the atrocities our Forefathers committed in the name of Manifest Destiny.  Yet when asked, most Americans would say that these things needed to be done.  A large number would even champion the perpetrators of these deeds as pillars of the community.  What I am trying to say is that many Americans need to stop thumping the door of our greatness before the skeletons fall out into the light of day, revealing the past blood on our hands along with the blood we are adding today.

300 Pound Angry Black Man in the Room

I just had a disturbingly sad ah ha moment this evening.  I remember when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, news shows like Fox News talked about the angry black man they were terrified was now running the country.  More to the truth was the frightened, angry white men from across the country who banded together to oppose everything Obama proposed no matter who it hurt.  As long as their views and agenda came first.

However, the deeper truth is that I would much rather have the angry black man compared to the angry white man.  Look at history, angry white men were behind “The Trail of Tears”, Klu Klux Clan, and the Holocaust.  Angry white men created the atomic bomb and chemical warfare.  Angry and scared white men almost started World War III over Cuba.  Angry white men were behind both recorded World Wars and were behind most of the design and production of WMDs.  I know that black men can be as violent as any man; however, you see less world affecting results than that of the white man.  Bones.

Thoughts I did think much about at the time

This post is a twist on a series of post in my old blog.  Those posts were explanations of thoughts I had and dismissed or set aside at the time only to later realize I had been correct in my assumptions.  This post will be different in the sense that I have been thinking about this idea for some time in a semi-serious way and I am now watching it come to pass.

Although this is based on Revelations in the Bible, my nonreligious friends can still follow the idea without the reference.  To begin with, I believe somewhere in Revelations there is a reference to the survivors of the Rapture being marked with the number of the Beast.  I have heard of other references to this idea, but this is where I get the thrust of my idea.  What brings this thought and post to mind is a news story about officers making an arrest.  In the story there was a quick mention of the arresting officer wearing an armband with a bar code on it to stream line the process and improve accuracy.

So, you may ask yourself, what is the big problem?  I am hoping that even without the Biblical connection you can see the dangerous possibilities here with respect to technology.  Add to this fact that patients in hospitals are daily given bar codes to improve the accuracy of their healthcare.  The actual problem I see is how easily we accept having numbers physically attached to us.  Is this man insane, they are only trying to protect us?  Well, to me, this is how insidiously easy it is to get us to sign away our rights.  For now it is removable bar codes but it won’t be long before someone comes up with the bright idea of putting our medical histories on a chip that can be inserted under the skin.  They will tell you that it is to improve accuracy and safeguard against accidental incorrect treatment.  Officers may be required to have a chip inserted to accurately trace each step in the arrest process.

Before you go “this guy is off his rocker”, think about all the things that are already accepted.  We regularly have RF chips inserted into our pets to help find them when they stray, easy enough to expand to humans.  Just remember Pink Slime.  It was a product meant to be fed to our pets that somehow became part of our own diet.  Next, our cellphones can already be used to locate us.  Nothing new there; however, I have to wonder, even if we turn off the GPS, is it really off.  I don’t know because it is all computer programming, which takes place under the surface and can be hacked.  Just ask the parents of the slain girl in England that Murdoch’s company hacked into her phone.  Of course, there are all the systems being implemented in medicine and law enforcement to better input data into computers and improve accuracy.  It all sounds so reasonable and sane.

My fears grow from our history.  Ask a Jewish person who remembers the holocaust and humans having numbers tattooed on their bodies.  Now ask them if they had a bar code on the wristband they wore in the hospital.  See how easily good and evil intertwine.  Systems that start out small expand and incorporate us all by being thought of as harmless by those that do not see the ramifications.  They trust blindly because technology is moving so fast that only those who make it truly know what it is doing.  They trust because we have been taught that technology is our pathway to utopia.  Unfortunately, technology is also the pathway to identity theft, phone hacking, and ballistic missiles.  Where ever good intentions are, evil intentions are not far behind.  It is just human nature, which leads me to the number of the beast.  Is it possible to have everyone marked in a way that an evil (most evil) being can control our lives?  The short answer is yes and we will allow them to do it.

Well, let me wrap this thought up.  Even if you do not believe in the Bible and the connections I have made, you can still agree on the looming danger represented by technology implanted into the human body.  Yes, today it is relatively unsophisticated with little chance of hacking, but the direction we are taking will greatly expand the possibilities for outside control of our lives through technology implanted within us.  Just think of how hard it would be to get your life back in order after identity theft if the information was stored on a chip imbedded under your skin that every business could scan at will.  If you think these ideas are farfetched, remember, the idea of having a computer you could carry in your hand was only a dream several decades ago.