You are in Luck Today (from my Patreon page)

Guys and Gals, you are in luck today.  I had decided to open up another story for the public, but when I went searching on my Patreon page, I realized I had not loaded this particular story.  So I am actually adding a new reward for the month that I have decided to share with the public.  The story is a little over a thousand words, making it a quick read, and is called “A Taste of Armageddon”.  Here is what I posted on the sight:

“Well, it has been several months since I have uploaded a new story and I also had this particular one in mind, given the state of the union.  I honestly thought I had already uploaded this one a while ago.  I am glad that I hadn’t.  I am leaving this reward open to the public so feel free to leave comments on my blog, which I very much look forward too.”

New Reward – A Taste of Armageddon

Can We be Forgiven? (new $1 reward from my Patreon page)

It is time for a story.  This month’s story is “Cast the First Stone” and here is the write-up I did on my Patreon page:

This month’s story is a controversial one.  I sent this one out once and besides some pointers on the need for action, the editor stated that he felt my points were invalid.  Since then I have tried rewriting the story to address the style issues without changing too much of the core.  In addition, I added some writing to clarify the underlying premise of the story but have mostly left the idea as stated.  The idea in a nutshell is God’s, at least as stated by several religions, insistence that a repentant person can gain admittance into heaven.

I decided to take that idea to the extreme in dealing with the issues I have struggled with in that belief.  In other words, if Hitler were to repent or had in a twisted way kept faith with God, would he be admitted into heaven?  So, here are my thoughts, for good or bad, on the subject.  I give you “Cast the First Stone”. “

Where are all the Cowboys? (from my Patreon page)

Here is the text from the new $5 reward I posted on my Patreon page

“Instead of uploading a new picture file for the $5 reward this week, I decided to export a copy of the “Rodeo” project I was working on with the bull rider turned on so you could see where things are going.  The right side of the image is being left open for the text of the story that accompanies the image.  I took out what I had because I am also tweaking the story after seeing some issues.  Also, I had not quite achieved the look I wanted.  Given that the image is unfinished, there may also need to be changes forced by the background.”

Glory of a Sunset (from my Patreon page)


I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset.  The amazing colors nature produces at these times are almost drinkable they are so intense.  Yes, I realize sunrises have the same effect, but I so rarely get to see those.  Several years ago I spent a lot of time taking photos of sunsets around my home so I would have references for painting whenever I needed.  I have hundreds of sunsets stored in boxes.

Watching the transition of colors from warm yellow to earthy red to cool purple and finally steely blue is very satisfying.  Not just the sky itself, but the clouds as well.  Many times they act as counterpoint to the sky’s color, picking up a rosy red even after the sky has begun to turn dark blue.  Clouds will be bright blasts throughout the display of raw color spread upon the bowl of heaven.  So take time and enjoy a sunset or two in your life; you will be glad you did.