Reality Begins to Sink in



This video is priceless for the lessons it teaches about hypocrisy and the blindness of cold human hearts.  Hate is well and good for some people to spew, but watch out for the flood of tears when the hate comes home to roost.

Worst Generation

The problems America face today are not the fault of Mexican’s taking our jobs, spoiled millennials, or Islamic terrorists. They are own fault. They are a result of the lies we have institutionalized and the delusions we have greedily embraced. Our pride and ego has blinded us to the fact that we have become the very enemy we fought against in WWII. Unlike our forefathers; however, we will not be deemed the greatest generation but, instead, the worst.

Your Roots are Showing

The more history I watch, the more and more I understand why religions associated with Western culture have failed the world, chiefly Catholism, but also Christianity as a whole because of shared origins.

I am not talking about the worship of God or Christ per se, but the organizations/institutions that have become associated as such. Much of Catholism is covered in the blood shed by followers over the centuries, crusades, inquisitions, and wars. All activities against God’s commandments and Christ’s teaching.

Add to this a belief that their religion was not strong enough to establish their own holidays or structures, which caused them to co-op pagan holidays and change the role of women in the church. They even created religious doctrine to support industries, look deeper into the history of Lent and fish Fridays.

If you step back and look at Christian history outside of the Church narrative, you will see human choices taking precedence over divine origin. Thus, child molesting priests, gambling nuns, and cover-ups are not surprising at all. What is truly surprising is the zealotry of the church membership in defending what, in any other setting, would be indefensible. One other place you see such zealotry is inside of cults. I think this is something the world needs to look at and face.

Finally, don’t fall into the belief that I am singling out only Western embraced religions. I only talk about them more because of fimilarity. My guess is that every human religion is rife with such human fingerprints and need to be viewed as such. Unfortunately, too many people find it easier to let others direct their beliefs; questioning is hard.


Just an Observation

The biggest lie mankind has told itself and continually bases decisions on is that humans, for the most part, are rational beings.  I dare you to sit and think of one thing mankind has done that has not been perverted, abused, or taken for granted.  If mankind were rational, would we still have wars, murder, or rape?  Would we have arguments over silly things because we no longer see what is really bothering us?  Would there be greed, corruption, or lust?  Our very irrational nature, do to the multitude of variables in our physical make-up, will eventually be our undoing.  Not because we have them, but because we failed to learn to account for them.  If we do not account for greed, corruption, hate, lust, violence, etc. in our governing processes, they will grow unchecked.  To put it bluntly, humans are ruled by their emotions, which are in turn greatly affected by nature.  Changes in our environment will change our own reactions because, like it or not, we will always be a part of it.  Even more important, we are all connected in this world.  There is nothing that you do that will not have an effect on everyone else in the world.  Welcome to chaos theory 101.  Thus, the irrational/emotional actions of someone in China will affect you and vice versa.

Suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11

Well, now that the Senate and Congress have shown their collective wisdom in overriding President Obama’s veto of the bill that allows families of those killed on 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia, I wonder how long it will be before other countries sue us?   Will Iraq and Iran join forces to sue our country for supporting Sadaam Husien while he murdered his own people and used chemical weapons against Iran.  Oh, you mean they probably forgot about our financial support of the insane dictator from Iraq during the Reagan Years.  Huh!  Well, how about Iran suing us for putting the Shah of Iran back in power and supporting his regime, which murdered and tortured many Iranians, all for cheap oil.  Forgot that too.  Well shoot!  Do they remember backing the Contras in Nicaragua, the ones Reagan supported by selling arms to Iran?  They were thugs in a lot of cases, committing atrocities with weapons purchased with American money.  Wonder if Nicaragua has a case?  Hey, do you think the American Indians should sue America for taking away their country, ruining their lands, and killing their people?

Just goes to show what happens when you put stupid greedy people into power.  I hope the world sues us for breech of contract since we promised to stay on the gold standard if they would all tie their monetary values to our dollar and the billions of dollars they lost in the Banking Crisis of 2008.  Yes they can sue the individual companies, but now that we opened the door for suing entire countries for the acts of the few, anything is fair game.  I actually support this since I believe the American people have become too self righteous for their own good.  The same kind of people that back this kind of legislation are the ones that would back Donald Trump.

We are innocent, we are the victims, and we have never done anything to deserve the violence done to us on 9/11.  Wake up.  When you look at our history in world affairs, we are nowhere near angelic.  Yes, we have done good things, but so has every other culture.  We have also done some very bad things, like every other culture.  For God’s sake, the entire Bush Presidency could lead to thousands of lawsuits.  For all the feel good, pulpit thumping politics of this legislation, the negatives are legion and could cost this country dearly without solving anything in the world.  The bill will only serve to highlight our ever growing hypocrisy and the fact that if we consider Saudi Arabia accountable, as a country, for Bin Laden’s crimes then we are all accountable for the crimes I have mentioned here.   If we are the Godly country so many like to rant about, then it is long past time we man up and take our lumps.

It’s a Small World After All

I was thinking about Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America great again!” and I felt it was a little disingenuous or inaccurate.  To me a more truthful phrasing would be:


Make America great again by making everyone we don’t like small.


What do you think.

Stupid Agenda Laden Meme’s

Here is another of the great memes that seem to show up on my facebook page and is posted by people who are either afraid of ISIS/Islamic extremists and/or don’t believe/hate the global warming proponents.  The goals of this meme are to scare the shit out of Americans and to make liberals look like fools.  Yes, ISIS is an immediate threat.  A threat that we had a large part in creating with poor international policies over the decades and greedy capitalistic tendencies, but knee jerk fear reactions aren’t going to solve this problem and blaming liberals exclusively is disingenuous.  The meme’s underling theme is that Liberals are not doing enough to stop ISIS when, in actuality, the current administration has probably done more to attack the extremists than the previous one.  It is meant to ridicule them.  In addition, the side that is posting these memes is actually doing more to support the extremists through their blind greediness that grabs money from whatever source it can whether it helps the extremists or not.

Second, is global warming any less of an immediate threat?  Not actually, because of our inability to quickly affect global climate changes, the sooner we work on the problem the better.  The longer we wait, the harder it will be to correct the climate and the more expensive.  There may also come a point where the problem is too big to fix.

Finally, why does fixing these problems have to be mutually exclusive.  In actuality, working to fix global warming may help to change the nature of the threat of ISIS.  As the climate changes, resources become more scarce putting increased pressure on citizens, governments, and countries, which in turn increases belligerence and lust for the resources of others.  Such a situation only strengthens ISIS.  Also, investing in green technology can only lead to less dependence on foreign oil, a major factor in our continued entanglement in the Arabic/Islamic world.  In addition, money going to green initiatives may be less likely to end of in the hands of ISIS than that of big oil.  So, you have to wonder who is really behind these memes?  Who would be more interested in directing your attention away from reducing our dependence on oil production through scare tactics and humiliation?  Think about these things the next time you see a meme like this one.