Distilled Emotions

I have hem hawed on how to approach  this subject for some time now because I wanted to make a positive post but was unsure how I could do so.  The subject is about my favorite soundtrack “Halo 4”.  I do not just mean of the Halo series but of all my soundtracks and it has even managed to take out “Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back”.  What made it so hard to write about was the fact that 343 in their quest to appease the fans decided to back away from the musical paths they had blazed in Halo 4.

Truth be told; however, I was one of the un-pleased in the beginning.  But as I have listened to both the cd’s for this soundtrack I have decided it is the best overall Halo soundtrack because of its variety and cohesiveness.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Halo soundtracks.  I just find that the Halo 4 soundtrack stands on its own better than any of the others with the least skip-able tracks.

Just listen to this track by Kazuma Jinnouchi.


The track starts out hauntingly sterile and cold then moves into the human sadness of Master Chiefs long struggle and the friends he has lost.  Now compare this to another track by Kazuma, which is one of my favorites.

A driving track that perfectly fits the activity of fighting through the belly of the Infinity in a massive mantis war machine, or as Caboose calls it “Freckles”.  Finally, listen to this stirring tribute to all the qualities embodied in the character of Spartan 117.


However, there is so much more because Kazuma Jinnouchi was not the only composer for the “Halo 4” soundtrack.  Neil Davidge also contributed many great tracks such as:


finally rock out to this track.


All I can say is that I was disappointed that “Halo 5: Guardians” did not follow up on the great work done in “Halo 4” and not just in the single player campaign or graphic beauty.


Halo 4 Soundtrack

Courtesy of Amazon


Like many fans of the Halo series, I was disappointed by my first listen of the tracks of the Halo 4 music.  This was not the Halo I loved and was familiar with.  However, as I played the game, I found that the music drove the action just as the soundtracks to the earlier games had and I began to like what I was hearing.  Eventually I was hooked and bought the CD.  It is now one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, the fan base was not as accepting as I was, causing 343 to try making a soundtrack closer to the original three.  I have not played Halo 5 yet, nor heard much of the music, but the little I listened to on Amazon did not inspire me.  I hope I am wrong.  For me, I am sorry that they did not stick to their guns and support the new composer because I would have liked to see the music evolve as the soundtracks from Bungie did.