Food for Thought

Just something for you avid readers out there.  Since joining Librarything in 2008 I have won 36 books in their early bird reviewer program.  Most have been e books but there were some physical copies and even two audio books (unabridged versions).  So, if your money is tight but you have to have a book to read like I do, this is a way to fill in the gaps with, for the most part, some quality reading.  Every month has a new batch of books to choose from.  Oh, by the way, two of the physical books were the last two books in the “Last Chronicals of Thomas Covenant” by Stephen R. Donaldson and  one audio book was “The Prince of Fools” by Mark Lawrence.  Not bad.

Feeling Pretty Lucky Today

I have just won an early review copy of Joe Abercrombie’s new book “Half a King” and this just after receiving the unabridged audio book version of Mark Lawrence’s new book “Prince of Fools”.  If you are not a member of’s early reviewers, then you are missing out on some sweet reading.