Bone Pilot Ready to Launch

It used to be a tradition of mine, when fall came around and October was knocking on the door with chilly hands, that I would start drawing Halloween images.  You know, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and the like.  Well I decided I wanted to do something this year, so here is the image I am going to work on.  I am calling him Bone Pilot and the idea came to me as I was driving to work.  I saw the way the headlights from one car illuminated the back end of another with some kind of large central emblem.  To me it looked like a skull with huge fins on either side.  At first I thought about not doing it because it was such a weird idea.  Then I said “why the hell not”.  The tentacles were just a cool after thought.  I am hoping this will be a quick little project as I continue on with my Sarah Seadragon work.

New $3 Reward Sleeping Dragon (from my Patreon page)

Here is the write up from Robert Garbin’s Patreon page


“This week’s reward is an older drawing showing my fascination with eyes and deeper meanings.  The image is called “Sleeping Dragon” and is a close up of an eye with the image of a dragon hidden within.”

New $3 Dollar Reward (from my Patreon page)

I justed posted a new reward for the lower $3 Tier of Robert Garbin’s Patreon page  Here is the write up:


“This week’s reward is a pencil drawing I did some time ago.  The image is near a beach where a hooded wizard is in the midst of summoning a creature from another realm.  What his reasons are, we do not know, but by the look of the creature, it can’t be good.  LOL.  I give you “The Calling”.”

New $5 Reward (from my Patreon page)

I just up loaded a new $5 reward for my patrons.  It was not as I had hope the finished tribute painting; however, I am very close as the details of the reward mention.  I also noted that I forgot to upload an image on the 26th of March so I owe my patrons an image.  What I think I will do is set up the separate images from the tribute as finished pictures as well when I upload the finished image.  What I plan for the new work in progress is a weekly step by step process starting from the sketches to the finished project with screen shots and explanations.  Anyway, here is what I posted.


I was hoping to have my Carrie Fisher tribute done for here but that did not happen.  I am very close to having Carrie done, which was the toughest part of the whole image for me.  All that is left is to paint in one more iris and tweak the hair.  Putting the rest together should not take long except I still have to create Alderaan, but that won’t be hard.  I should have it all done by next week.

Until then here is an old color pencil drawing of a fish I started but quit on as I got frustrated with the color pencil work.  I still hope to get back into color pencil drawings to practice the things I learned on YouTube.




Face Studies ($5 reward for my Patreon patrons)

Here is what I wrote for the post:

Here are some pencil face studies I did of characters from the Babylon 5 tv series.  I was using some techniques I was learning from a book on anatomy drawing.  I most definitely have done better, but this was a crucial learning process.  Each drawing I do helps me get better.

Color Pencil Study (New $5 reward on my Patreon Page)

This is the explanation of the image I attached for my $5 patrons.

Here is a drawing I did some time ago when I was trying to figure out color pencils over large areas.  This is one of the few color pencil drawings I worked on until completion.  Considering how long ago I made this piece, some parts actually hold up pretty well to what I am doing now, while others fall flat.

The image is from a magazine photo, don’t remember which, of a small bird grasping a branch.  The bird was the focal point with the background being out of focus.  I believe that the bird and branch turned out well, but trying to create the rest of the background over the remaining paper proved to be too challenging for me.

Working on this particular drawing, using the techniques I had learned with lead pencils, was not happening and is the reason so many of my color pencil drawings are left unfinished.  On small detail areas I am good but large areas stump me.  I have since seen many artists use color pencils to great results, but I am not one of them.  However, all in all, this is not a bad picture.  Unfortunately, it is also not a great picture.

New $5 Reward Added to Patreon

I just added a jpg image of one of the drawings I did in my teens.  It shows what I talked about in an earlier post, how I would not plan out a drawing but simply build it as I went.  The post details how the drawing progressed and why I decided to quit before finishing.  Of course the piece was a fantasy drawing, which I did a lot of then.