Positivity From an Unexpected Source (from my Patreon page)

Most of my adult life I have been considered to be a negative person.  If you look at a lot of my earlier posts you may find it easy to go along with this point of view; even I have believed it.  However, if you take time to read enough of the short stories I have posted on my Patreon page, you will find a surprising reality.  Many of my stories have up beat endings.

Some spoilers ahead, “Dragon Dreams”, while full of battle and strife, is essentially a dream come true for Jason Conners.  He becomes a creature that can turn his creativity into a reality through dreams.  What writer/artist would not love that.  The story “Cast the First Stone” deals with the end of Nazi Germany in a very brutal and graphic way with the death of Hitler, yet it holds out hope for us all with the potential for redemption.

My artwork almost always focuses of the beauty of life.  “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” deals with the potential man has to destroy the majestic tiger.  However, the image is very beautiful and vibrant and the symbolism used expresses my love for space, the stars, the planets, and big cats.  “Rodeo” deals with suicide and Hell, but the story that accompanies this painting ultimately is about hope and salvation.  So while even I sometimes believe that I am a negative person, my stories and artwork paint a different picture.

$1 Reward Dragon Dreams: Embers in the Sky Chapter 10 (from my Patreon page)

Here is what I wrote:


“Well, it is finally here.  Will Jason Conner’s journey come to a satisfy conclusion or will he succumb to the force that has driven him from the real world to multiple dreams?  Is this series fantasy or science fiction or some unbelievable amalgamation of both?  Are there truths to be found in dreams?  Yes, but you will only find out if you subscribe to my Patreon page

I have to tell you that I just finished watching Stranger Things 2 on Netflixs and loved it.  It gives me a lot of hope for my writing since it is so popular and yet is just as challenging to follow the multiple levels of existence as my Dragon Dreams series.  They have the real world, the upside down world, and the place Eleven/Jane makes contact with that world as well as distant places of our own.  Dragon Dreams is a close relation.  There is the real world, which includes the normal dreams of Jason Conner, then you have the place in between like Eleven’s, and finally the dreams the Dragon imposes on Jason.  

Another movie with similarities would be the Matrix with the real world and the machine world with both connected by the Matrix.  So, if you like such shows, Dragon Dreams is for you.  In fact, every story that will make up Mystics and Misfits is for you.  Come on dive into my mind.”

New $1 Reward Dragon Dreams: Embers in the Sky Ch. 9 (from my Patreon page)

We are nearing the end of the Dragon Dreams saga.  Please support my patreon page (Rob Garbin’s Patreon Page) to read the entire saga for just $1 a month.  Here is the write up for chapter 9.


“Jason has to battle through an unknown planet to reach an enemy more cunning than he expected, but not everything adds up.  Meanwhile, he is still haunted by dreams of a different life.  Can he discover the truth behind his dreams and the reason his unseen opponent is playing games with him?  Only one more chapter until everything is revealed and all assumptions will be burned to ashes like embers in the sky.”

New $1 Reward Added Dragon Dreams: Embers in the Sky Ch. 8 (from my Patreon Page)

Here is what I wrote for this reward:

“Sorry about being quiet lately but I have been transitioning into a new job and it has been a little rough.  This week’s reward begins the final book in Jason Connors’ epic adventure.  This time the dream draws him into the middle of a space battle deep in enemy territory where he and the lone survivor of the Drakon warship will take this battle to it’s conclusion on an insignificant planet.  Man against alien to the bitter end.  Will the being behind these dreams reveal itself of leave Jason trapped in a world he wasn’t born into?  Join Jason and find out.”

New $1 Reward – Dragon Dreams: Currents of the World Ch. 7 (from my Patreon page)

I have added the final chapter in the second Dragon Dreams story arc to my Patreon rewards (PDF and RTF files).  Here is what I wrote:


“Sorry, I have been a bit lax uploading rewards with all the turmoil going on in my life.  Anyway, here it is, the conclusion of the second arc of the Dragon Dreams saga.  Jason once again is face to face with the blue Dragon that not only haunts his dreams, but also directs them.  The resulting confrontation will change his life.  Next time we will start the final arc, which will throw everything you have read up to this point on its head.  I hope you will join me for the conclusion of the entire series with Dragon Dreams: Embers in the Sky.”

New $1 Reward Added – Dragon Dreams: Currents of the World Chapter 6 (from my Patreon page)

I have added another chapter from the Dragon Dreams saga to my Patreon page .   We are nearing the end of the Currents of the World section of the story and I wanted to let you know about my method of assigning chapters.  If you have been following, instead of starting the chapter numbers over again for each subsection of the over all arc, I decided to just continue numbering as if they were all one story.  Yes, this convention could cause confusion but I think it is unique and different, which if you have spent any time at this blog, I most assuredly am.  Believe me, this will become evidently apparent in the final part of the series, Embers in the Sky.   Here is the discription from my page:


“This week’s reward is the sixth chapter of the Dragon Dreams saga.  Jason and the crew of The Pillar of the Sky have survived the attack of ancient powerful sand creatures but not without some changes in perspective for all involved.  Jason is pleasantly surprised by his new close relationship to Saimath, his fellow wizard.  Also, the crew, which may have once dismissed him even with the prophecy, now revere and befriend him, believing their prospects to be much better.  Unfortunately, they are given little time to enjoy these changes as the Blue Dragon reappears, dragging a massive sandstorm to obliterate any traces of The Pillar of the Sky.  Will they survive?  Can Jason manage another miracle?  Subscribe to my Patreon page to find out.”

New $1 Reward – Dragon Dreams: Currents of the World Chapter 5 (from my Patreon page)

Here is what I wrote for this week’s reward from my Patreon page:


“Jason and the crew of the Pillar of the Sky face a danger from the depths of the sand ocean.  A danger that could end their voyage.  Unfortunately, the wizard Saimath has been injured and the fate of the ship and crew are left in Jason’s unreliable hands.  His solution leaves many shocked and breathless.  Join Jason as he struggles on through his quest to fulfill prophecy in a place he shouldn’t be.”