Finding Inspiration (from my Patreon page)

Please take time to browse my favorites at my deviantart page.  You can find them by following the link on the left column of this page and scrolling down on my deviantart page.  I have over 2600 examples of artwork that caught my eye from sketches to paintings and small sculptures to life-size ones.  If you work your way through the pages, you will find an amphibian tiger and a horse made out of driftwood.  You can also find great examples of comic book artistry.  These are the people who drive me to get better at what I do and sometimes make me itch to experiment.  Again, please consider rummaging through because I believe there is something for everyone including landscapes, portraits, and animals, as well as, science fiction and fantasy.

Dragon in Need of a Pen

Tattoo Design for my Nephew

Tattoo Design for my Nephew


You may not have noticed, but I am also an artist.  Actually, I am foremost an artist since I started with art and then moved into writing as my artwork got stymied.  My writing style owes much to this fact and tends to be very visually descriptive, which some people find tedious but I always enjoyed in a story if properly balanced.

The above design is my first ambitious digital work in Gimp 2.0.  However, I have run into a snag.  Not knowing if I would like or be comfortable with this new medium, I purchased an inexpensive drawing tablet (Vis Tablet’s Pen Pad).   The tablet is not bad but has one main drawback, the pen needs a battery to work and I am finding out that is uses them fast and does not like rechargeable batteries.   This makes working on the tattoo design and future projects frustrating.

There is a new pad that I like because the pen does not require a battery; unfortunately, it cost $199, which is more than I can afford.  Right now  most of the money I have is committed to finishing house repairs and is not even enough to fix everything.  So, I am turning to you, the viewer, for help.  By supporting my writing through a donation, you can also help support my artistic creativity by helping me reduce the cost of this new tablet.  This is a more recognizable goal than the vague support I asked for earlier and maybe I can work up a chart to show how much progress we have made.  Once the design is done, I will post a copy for downloading as a thank you for your support, until then feel free to download any of the spoken stories now available.  To see more of my work, follow the link in the far right column to my art page.

In a Good Place

I am currently working on a tattoo design for my nephew.  I made the design a year or two ago but did not have the means to properly transfer the image to the canvas to do the painting for him to reference and so it sat just colored in with markers.  Meanwhile, I have been watching the progression from traditional to computer created artwork and am amazed by what is being achieved.  However, I held back because I personally felt that because the computer was doing some of the work, it was cheating.  I know, stuck in the stone age.  Still, I do have some qualms, but I have decided to do the tattoo digitally.  I am having fun playing with things and trying to create like I did with paint.  When I get finished, I may post it to my deviantart page.  In another venue, my first short story, Vengeance, has finally been published in the anthology Tales of the Sword by Red Skies Press.  I will warn that the editing is a little shabby in some of the stories but still readable.  One of  the standouts so far was the story Elijah’s Fear by fellow writer Nila White.  Please consider giving the collection a look on