Just an Observation

The biggest lie mankind has told itself and continually bases decisions on is that humans, for the most part, are rational beings.  I dare you to sit and think of one thing mankind has done that has not been perverted, abused, or taken for granted.  If mankind were rational, would we still have wars, murder, or rape?  Would we have arguments over silly things because we no longer see what is really bothering us?  Would there be greed, corruption, or lust?  Our very irrational nature, do to the multitude of variables in our physical make-up, will eventually be our undoing.  Not because we have them, but because we failed to learn to account for them.  If we do not account for greed, corruption, hate, lust, violence, etc. in our governing processes, they will grow unchecked.  To put it bluntly, humans are ruled by their emotions, which are in turn greatly affected by nature.  Changes in our environment will change our own reactions because, like it or not, we will always be a part of it.  Even more important, we are all connected in this world.  There is nothing that you do that will not have an effect on everyone else in the world.  Welcome to chaos theory 101.  Thus, the irrational/emotional actions of someone in China will affect you and vice versa.


Cleaning Out Washington D.C.?

I get that people feel the Politicians in Washington are corrupt and need to be cleaned out, our government needs rethinking.  What I don’t get is the idea that Donald Trump is the answer.  This is how I see it.  If we treat Washington politicians like Hillary Clinton as addicts then money, power, and privilege is the drug.  in this scenario I don’t see Trump as the outsider who will bring rehabilitation, I see him as one of the dealers, like the Koch Brothers.  A view that is borne out by his actions in regards to politicians in charge of investigating his businesses.  Does anyone think making a drug dealer the leader of our war on drugs will work out well?