Work in Progress, Cheetah (from my Patreon page)


I found some time to work on the cheetah painting today but it is still in its early stages.  Hopefully as I settle into this new job, I will find more time to put into this painting.


Eureka! I Have Made my First Gif (from my Patreon page)

The steps in painting Rodeo


OMG, I love Gimp 2.8 even more now.  I found out that the gif I wanted to create of the progress in painting “Rodeo” could be done using Gimp as compared to the frustration I was having in Shotcut.  What I could not achieve in an hour and a half, I did in ten minutes with gimp and it looks great.  Look for more of these as I get time because I like to save the painting files under different names so that I can reopen from there if I go in a bad direction as I explore ideas.  This means I always have a progression of steps saved in the process of making a painting.

New $3 Reward – Linear Thinkers in a Non-Linear Universe (from my Patreon page)

I uploaded a jpeg version of Linear Thinkers in a Non-Linear Universe for my $3 a month patrons (my Patreon page ).  Here is what I wrote:


“Here is the planet, nebula, moon, and spaceship painting in a downloadable jpeg format.  This was supposed to be just a quick speed paint of a planet that took on a life of its own.  It should make a pretty good wallpaper.”

Shotcut – Disappointing Tool (from my Patreon page)

I have posted before that I have very limited resources for creating quality videos to promote my artistic endeavors.  The video editing program I have is an old windows 7 version that does not support the higher quality video of newer versions.  With it I created the video that is now part of my Patreon and Kickstarter page.  However, I still hope to find something better.

To that end, I downloaded Shotcut, which is supposedly an open source full featured editing program to work with video the way Gimp 2.8 works as a graphics manipulation program.  Unfortunately, unlike Gimp 2.8, I found the program to be incredibly frustrating for creating the same type of video that I made with the older program.  Basically I create a slideshow of jpeg copies of my artwork with transitions to morph from one image to another.  I had high hopes for being able to add commentary to the video since it would be done on the newer computer, but I found that just creating a few seconds of video from jpegs was excruciatingly painful.

I was excited to try making a video progression of my latest painting “Rodeo” that would show the image changing as I added more and more detail.  However, just loading five jpeg images of the different stages into Shotcut took almost a half hour.  I probably worked for another hour putting them on and taking them off of the video timeline trying to achieve what I did in five to ten minutes with the old program.  Granted, some of this time was spent figuring out how the program functioned compared to the older one, but for everything I moved or changed there was at least a minute of wait time when the program quit responding to input.  In addition, Shotcut was nowhere as intuitive as Ulead Videostudio was.  So, as far as I am concerned, this has been a complete bust, my search continues.

Rodeo Painting Finished (from my Patreon page)


Here they are.  The first picture is so you can see all the detail, while the second image contains the story I wrote to go along with the image and I can finally make as one creation.  The final image is the original acrylic painting I did that I was never quite happy with.  I made the story and painting for my friend Dan who had moved to Texas at the time.  Ironically, he had moved back to Pennsylvania by the time I had finished it.  Now, of course, he is now living back in Texas and I will have to email him a copy of the new painting.  Definitely look at this larger because I put tons of detail in.  I will upload both digital paintings to my Patreon page next weekend.

Next Project

Okay people here is a chance for you to get a personalized piece of artwork from me.  Yep, that is exactly what I said.  I need to learn to draw people and turn around projects quicker so I am going to try a commission.  For a face portrait I will charge $25, for a whole body I will charge $50, and for an entire scene I will charge $100.  What I will need is a picture from you that you would like done, meaning you personally so I can avoid copyright issues, and an idea for what you want added like a sci-fi or fantasy look, background ideas, and some color interests.  For now I will be taking only one once I have finished the Rodeo project.  You can send your requests to my email at and I will work out the details with you.  Remember, I will be posting the finished image on all my sites.  If this works out well, I will try more.  I look forward to hearing from you guys.