The Artist and the World (from my Patreon page)

As a person, I have noticed how much I take the world for granted as I have gotten older.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggle to keep your head above water that you forget about the little things, which make the world magical.  You become jaded by the been there, done that of a long life.  For an artist, this is an easy recipe for burn out and blockage.

When I was younger, the simple magic of light going through a window at just the right angle to produce a small bit of rainbow kept me in thrall.  Studying how a dew drop changed the view of the leaf it sat upon amazed me.  As I got older, I derived joy from trying to recreate such effects in my paintings.  Turning plain white paper into realistic looking bark is a wonder unto itself and will awe me even when I know I did it myself.  How did I do it?  Where was the point at which I caused it to go from scribbles to artwork?  For me, sometimes, the simplest part of a painting that really captures a piece of the reference subject can be worth more than the image itself.


When do you know? (from my Patreon page)

There are so many times when I am working on a drawing that I know just isn’t going to work.  I am putting a lot into it but it isn’t giving me a lot back.  The image frustrates me.  Other times I have that feeling until something clicks and the image begins to improve.  The hard part is understanding whether it is my own impatience to see a finished product or a case of an image grander than my hands can create.  That tenuous link between the hands and brain can seem like a vast gulf at times.  This reality is what separates artists from non-artists.  We understand this gulf, yet we continually strive to cross it.

New old print added to my Devianart Gallery


This is an old watercolor painting I did that I recently scanned in and cleaned up in gimp, I used the wrong paper that wrinkled.  Please see my devianart page for prints.  I fixed this picture up as part of my plan for the up coming reveal.