The Dead Really Can Dance

OMG, OMG, I am doing back flips, somersaults, and cartwheels.  Well, not really because the mess and doctor bills would be incredible, but I am extremely excited.  One of my favorite bands has just released a new album after six years and I had no idea about it until today.  After a long day of work with a longer one coming tomorrow, I drove home in the pouring rain listening to their station on Pandora.  Out of nowhere comes this track that I hadn’t heard before.  I have to admit, I do not have all their stuff so could not be sure if this was not an older track I did not hear.

Well, I have had time to check into it and it is indeed a brand new album that released on November 2nd.  Gonna get it, gonna get it, gonna get it, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  This was a sorely needed uplift given all the crap going on in my country.  So anyway, here is the track I was listening to on the way home.  Whoa there, don’t freak out.  Yes it is over 19 minutes long but there are sooooo many interesting changes that are well worth listening to.  It looks like it was designed as a story in some way.  Also, the cover is really cool to an artist like me.


Look at His Cute Little Tale

Here is as far as I have gotten so far.  I had had a layer with the white crusty stuff done in a basic sense but was not pleased with the results so I deleted it and I am now working on the physical shape underneath before I do that.

New Projects in the Works

I just scanned in the finished seahorse drawing that I plan to start painting soon for a larger project, while the spider has been in my files for some time.  The spider is in a basic state and is intended to be mechanical, which is what slowed me down because, as I have said before, I am not good at mechanical drawings.  The idea for the spider came from an older drawing I did of human piloted spider walkers (scouts) under fire using thrusters to make short leaps out of danger.  My desire is to update the idea using what I have learned with digital painting.  I am posting it now because I have some new ideas about the project and hope to get back to work on it.

Atomic Joe Complete Destruction


Here is the final version of Atomic Joe and I am really happy with how this turned out.  I came up with the idea of creating a demonic being to represent man’s constant blindness and idiocy towards his own foibles when dealing with forces that are intolerant of such things after watching this documentary on the Chernobyl Accident.



The number of errors due to pride, arrogance, greed, etc. that created this accident are staggering.  While the Three Mile Island and Fukushima Diiachi accidents were different, they all share one similar trait, a failure of imagination.  In other word, the inability to comprehend and plan for all the natural and man made disasters that could create catastrophic reactor conditions.  Not only do we have to deal with the results of and continued dangers presented by Nuclear Power, we also have to face the dangers created by making Nuclear Power a business where cost/benefit ratios and bottom lines become more important than safety.  Businessman play Russian Roulette with societies safety just to make more profit.  How many times have manufacturing accidents, disasters, or toxic spills occurred because someone was trying to save money where they shouldn’t have?  With Nuclear Power, the costs are even higher since the radiation can last for centuries.  So remember that whenever you leave a light on or waste energy.  Atomic Joe is always lurking in the background to give you a real good radiation tan.  Bones.


P.S. If you look, you will find the names Chernobyl, Fukushima Diiachi, and Three Mile Island in the painting.

Hazmat Team Needed


Please make sure to wear your hazmat suit when viewing this image since Atomic Joe is really starting to put out the rads.  Viewing may cause loss of hair, burns, and vomiting, take care to not touch the physical image.  Making progress and trying new ideas, including moving layers forwards and back.  I want to give a soft red glow to the back like I have seen in pictures of atomic blasts but have not been happy with the results so far.  Fourteen painted layers so far and I cannot combine any yet because their placement is set according to depth they represent.

Watch that Pressure Boys

Joe is moving along nicely even with several changes in course.  Some sections are rougher than others since I just added them tonight.  Still, heading in the right direction.  Way more layers than any of my paintings to date.

Steam for the Turbine

Well, I have been putting some time into Atomic Joe and I am seeing progress in that I can turn off the drawing without the painting just looking like a fuzzy image in a telescope.  I have moved the design to a larger canvas so I can create more of a background.  Watch for more updates and further explanations.