Catching Up on What You are Missing

I just added an in depth post about process choices concerning my current painting project on my Patreon page.  This one has me excited and I hope you will join me on the journey.  Just a reminder, several of my previous posts are now public if you want to see what you are missing out on.

Artist Still in Residence

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that I am still creating digital paintings as well as stories.  I just uploaded an image of a new project I started so if you want to see what I am doing now, become a patron and support my artistic endeavors at my Patreon page.

Patreon Posts

Just wanted to let you know that I have been posting behind the scene information on my Patreon Page that you would be able to see now if you became a member.  Please help me achieve my goals of funding my creative efforts and expanding my content by becoming a Patron.  For as little as $5 a month you can get yourself a large print of one of my works and read about the thought processes and challenges involved in the creation of my art.

Firecracker, Firecracker, Sis, Boom, Ba, Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Ra, Ra, Ra

I need cheerleaders.  Yes, that is what I said, I need cheerleaders.  In my continuing endeavors to make a go of getting support for my artistic creations, I need not only patrons but also cheerleaders.  I may have talked about this before, but I really have no one in my life that has ever encouraged my art.  My mother always said it should be a hobby and never liked my choice of subjects.  My father could hardly be moved to grunt an approval, even when I created a color pencil drawing of a cover from his favorite series “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever”.  Worse, he would heap more praise on a Bob Ross painting than anything I had done.  I have nothing against the Mr. Ross’s work; however, it did not hold a candle to the paintings of other well know artists that I used as my watermark.

I don’t expect much from my one sister in this regard and the other one doesn’t call to give me motivation even though I am working on illustrating her children’s story.  The only time I get anything from her is when I give her an update.  Friends have never really been there for me in life, let alone, my artwork.  So I am turning to you.

I need help to face those days when work leaves me hurting and unmotivated to put time into my craft.  I need patrons hungering for my next post.  I need hundreds of likes from you passing my posts on and on to anyone you can share them with.  I am thankful to everyone of you that takes the time to like one of my posts; unfortunately, getting at most ten or eleven is disheartening after so many years of doing this alone.  I have persevered in my quest to improve my art and story telling even though I am self taught in both areas.  I went from completely bewildered on how to paint digitally to working almost exclusively there, making vast improvements from my early attempts.

Please, please, please, share this blog with your friends.  Show them my deviantart page and tell them about my Patreon page.  The more people I reach and the more encouragement I get, the better the output you will see.  Also, I am always willing to share tips on how I create my artwork and the thought processes behind it to anyone who asks.

Heads up all you savvy art collectors.

I just wanted to let you know that I have uploaded my first two Patreon early access posts.  Please consider supporting me as I work on various projects and get yourself some sweet rewards.


Hey guys and gals I need your help. I am thinking of redoing my Sundiver painting and having trouble getting my head around the visuals. Can anyone help me see what it would be like at the sun’s surface at about 75,000 feet or maybe higher to work for the image. Would it be just a fiery blur without much for distinguishable features making the image boring? I will add the current image when I get home tonight.


Here is the original painting I want to remake.



Unfortunately, I don’t feel this represents the feeling I was going for and I need help visualizing what it would be like falling into the sun.  How far would you have to be to still see any of the blackness of space around you, or would it basically be washed out beyond a certain  point?  Consider the distance of our highest skydive to earth, would we be swallowed up by the suns atmosphere by this point?  what would that look like?

Corona Flares from Our Neighboring Star Fish


I have been making some headway in the little spurts of time I have to work on this painting.  As you can see I have gotten a third tentacle’s white parts laid out better even after going back and readjusting them in the second tentacle.  I had noticed that I had made far too many small bits from the first one I had reworked and the effect was bad.  Lesson learned going forward.  I was planning on holding off doing any more painting on the tips until after I got the white done on all the tentacles.  However, I am impatient and was also worried that I would not be able to replicate the look from the first tentacle.  I think it is going well.

On another note, I finally sent out for a print of Sarah Seadragon for my sister, whom this project is for.  I can’t wait for her reaction.  Also, I want to get an idea on print costs because that is one of the perks I plan to give supporters once I re-establish my Patreon page.  One thing to understand about that is, while you can buy prints from my deviantart page, they will come from jpeg copies of my work.  The compression these files use distorts the final product a bit.  When I send out for prints myself, I use tiff files, which do not use compression for a truer print of the work.  I will be talking more about Patreon  and rewards in future posts.