One Surprise as Promised (from my Patreon page)

As promised here is the surprise.  With some money I got for my birthday, I decided to invest in myself by getting several prints made at the size they should be done.  Not only did I reprint “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” at double the file size, I also printed “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” and “Mystics and Misfits” cover without text at double size.  In addition, I tried out different papers.  The new Quiet print was done with premium gloss compared to the old print, which was fine art bright white.  One thing I noted about the gloss print was that humidity affected it more, causing it to hump up.

Mystics and Universal were done on semi-matte.  I like both the fine art bright white and the semi-matte the best.  The matte gives the images just that little bit of pop with the shine, while the fine art make them look more like watercolor paintings.   I admit that I need to make an adjustment on Mystics because the green fog you see on screen at Mystics and Misfits Cover no Typography did not translate as well to the print.  Also, I think having the title will look better because I left a lot of dead space for that reason.

All in all; however, I am insanely pleased at how well these turned out.  You can now see the detail in the tiger’s eye to tell that it is in fact Jupiter and Mars.  I was shocked at how large the Mystic cover turned out to be at double size.  I knew the numbers, but until you actually see your creation in a physical form, you just do not comprehend it.  If you decide to get a print of Mystics at this size, I will direct your attention to the detail of the aliens shirt where I managed to create a really cool pattern.  Also, plan on a later ship because I will ask for a proof on my changes to see how they improve the print before I order it for you.

Finally, here is a breakdown of the prices I will charge for these prints at double size (if you want a double size fine art bright white, I will have to look into it):

Double Size Prints

Mystics and Mysfits Cover No Typography, 1 ” border, Semi-matte – $35 plus shipping and handling

Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness, 1″ border, Semi-matte – $25.75 plus shipping and handling

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Premium Gloss – $23.50 plus shipping and handling

Note: If you want a double sized Quiet on semi-matte or fine art bright white, the prices with change somewhat.  Also, I think it might be better to have a 2″ border because I was always told, when framing, that there should be a lot of border between the frame and image.  I have found that to work but the print price may go up a bit.  Contact me for more accurate pricing.

Original Size

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Fine Art Bright White – $17.50 plus shipping and handling

Exploring (from my Patreon page)

I don’t know about other artists, but I am always trying new methods of creating. When I first started, I worked with a number 2 pencil almost exclusively but I was always making things in other mediums. I tried building things with toothpicks after I saw a show. My favorite toy was Legos. I would hide away in a corner and no one would hear a peep out of me. Loved play-dough and thought I would become a sculptor, even now I often think of working in clay.

Whenever I see a form of art done well I want to try my hand at it. Unfortunately, time and money make this hard to realize. After all there are only so many hours in a day and my patience with the process is not as good as it should be. I want to be great out of the gate. Still, most of time I am happy to putter with new ways to express myself. The best time I had in college was when I took a sculpting class. For my final project, I made a plaster scupture of what looked like an egg pod from the movie Alien splitting open. I made it to look like a human brain and the base was held up by roots. On the floor under the piece I got some green felt and layed lines of numbers and letters feeding into the roots. Out of the opening at the top of the pod I used thin dow rods that had butterflies at there end that had famous equations and quotes like E=mc^2. What was I expressing there eh?