So the Self Appointed Judges of Morality Have Cowardly Struct at Women Again

The Brett Kavanaugh has whined his way to destroying the rights of women instead of tackling the true causes of abortion. Instead of looking to the hypocrits within his own party who have improper relations risking abortions, he choses to open the door to making women a slave gender.

As I said before in this post

I don’t disagree with the ultimate goal of the anti-abortionist, what I disagree with is their methods. What I especially take exception too is a bunch of rich old men who already abuse their privileged postions making decisions for millions of women, ingnoring the facts that their gender is the largest reason for unwanted pregnancies and abortions occuring.

I further take exception to people who would force births without concern for circumstances. We all know that, while Republicans will pat themselves on the back for saving babies lives, they will also vote to defund any program that seeks to allow these children to have a better life when the mothers cannot provide and the fathers run away. They will also do absolutely nothing as more and more of these children are gunned down by sick NRA gun zealots. God bless America, kingdom of greedy minions of satan.

If you would have told me at ten that I would be so thouroughly disgusted by my countrymen when I was fifty six, I wouldn’t have been able to understand what you were saying. The ignorance of childhood was bliss. Too bad evil immoral men continue to take that away that time. May they all live to regret what they do. The blood of the innocent is on every Republican’s hands. Just to surprise you, I feel that goes for a majority of Democrats too. We have failed as a shining beacon.

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