Sharing My Idea

Hello amazing followers.  This is a bumper sticker I had made because of my disgust at all the mass shootings in my country.   I know it is the people that do the killing, but this ridiculous notion that the excessive gun culture we have does not contribute is a joke.  Face it people, humans as a whole are not the stable beings so many want to portray. I wish it was otherwise, but history has shown that even the best of us can go haywire and murder someone. Further, so many times we do not see it coming.

So flooding the market with products whose sole purpose is to be used for killing is reckless at best and evil at worst. As far as this bumper sticker goes, I hope others will get them and keep putting pressure on the NRA to come back to humanity. Are their guns more important then our children? If you want one, go ahead and use the statement and get one printed like I did. I used Vistaprint which was kinda expensive but I had used them before and felt comfortable. You can probably get it cheaper locally. I have no desire to profit from this and can’t afford to make them to give out free so I give you the right to print it yourself .

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