Baby it’s cold outside

Oh my wonderful followers, tis done. Went through and detailed all the yellow leaves, added the blurry foreground leaves, and adjusted the mist off the eyes. He is signed and ready to reclaim his believers, he hungers for the old sacrifices. Hope you have enjoyed this journey and are ready to embark on his next incarnation in winter. I will be posting him on my deviantart page shortly if would like to purchase a print. It is an 8.5 by 11 inch image that I would usually double for a print. Another option is to contact me here and we can work out a print from the place I use which will be made from a tiff file that does not use compression, better print.

Published by Robert Garbin

Who am I? I am a forty something American raised in a family and country where appearances were more important than facing the truths that were slowly damaging my families happiness. The blog that you see here is my way of shouting to the world that I will be heard for who I am, not for what others would have me be. It exists to give voice to the way I see the world and my need to create things that are important to me. My blog has two main goals. One, to express my point of view on events shaping the world around me; to tell you, the reader, about the ideas that rattle inside my skull and their many origins. You may even be lucky enough to see the quirky sense of humor hidden behind my repressed personality. Second, I wish to show you my creative efforts in writing and art and ask for your support on this journey. Sometimes I will even highlight the creations of others, or more accurately, the creations that became a part of me, so that you can see the foundations for my own works. Come one come all if you have an ear to hear. Most welcome though are the mystics and misfits, those who refuse to blindly follow what others say is the truth. Come see if there is a reflection of yourself in my ideas and writings. As Dukhat said on my favorite TV show "Will you follow me into Fire? Will you follow me into darkness? Will you follow me into death? Then follow." Of course, the death part is totally not expected.

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