Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave …

Here, together at last, are all of my “hook me in twenty five words or less” posts form Sffworld.com.  I had to do some minor error correction on a few, especially the earlier ones.  Hope you enjoy them.


  1. “The armies had fought for days unending, but the real desecration was just about to begin and for nothing more than arrogance.”
  2. What do you mean “you’re not human?”
  3. “The winds of change came. I wish they wouldn’t have waited until I got fully dressed!”
  4. “The little creature watched the star bloom in the sky not knowing it meant the death of its’ world.”
  5. “The alien looked down on the world and thought who will clean up the mess the humans had made?”
  6. “Who are you, Death?” I screamed.
    “No, far worse. I am his brother agony and she is his sister torment” rasped the pustulating creature.
  7. So this was Armageddon. Somehow I thought there would be more hoopla.
  8. This is how the world should have ended; unfortunately I don’t know what I did wrong.
  9. The company telepath was the first to go down then all hell broke loose.
  10. The fires were stoked, the idiots were hungry, and the cannibals were waiting for nightfall. Oh, how trusting are those that dream of riches.
  11. “Listen Mac, I don’t care what you call it, angel dust, pixie pooh, or cherubim chuff,” growled Chicken Little. “The sky is falling.”
  12. “Sunlight reflected from the ice covered stones of shattered gates and crumpled parapets, like the thousand tears wept by the Gods at the loss of this noble land.”
  13. The water was cold, the water was deep, but that still did not extinguish the fire rippling up my legs. Damn, mother was right.
  14. The autumn leaves crunched wonderfully beneath his boots as the air filled with the sickly sweet anise smell of his soul’s rotting blackness.
  15. “Is that your brain on the ground?”
    “What…oh, no. Mine is dark green and much bigger.”
  16. He couldn’t breathe! The suit should be providing enough oxygen but it just wasn’t making a difference. Emergency alarms were buzzing in his ears.
  17. “Be wary one and all of the Sapling God in his hall.” I remembered the rhyme as the saplings before me began to move.
  18. The fires of heaven cleansed the earth below, while the Gods wept bitter tears for millennia. One God; however, sat and played among the ashes.
  19. The clouds blasted outward from the bright yellow center where the massive being plummeted straight down to the earth. October 8, 2019 4 pm humanity awakened.
  20. The baboon placed her hands gently on the wizard’s face, eyes locking with his.
    “Well … you ain’t what I expected in a soulmate,” he sighed.
  21. “Holy crap,” I said?
    “Yes,” the priest replied. “Can you please pull your foot out of it?”

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