Story Starter, Just Add Imagination and Simmer

Just like buying a package of soup starter and a few ingredients on a cold day, the “Hook me in twenty five words or less” thread over at is a great way to pass a cold winter evening.  The reason I mention this is because, while I have been focused upon my art this past year, I have not forgotten the collection of short stories I hope to eventually publish.  Remember, I previously revealed the cover I created for this collection titled “Mystics and Misfits” (type in the title to see a wealth of posts on the subject).

Well, a recent thought I had was to find all my contributions to the “Hook me” thread and create a section at the end of the book explaining their origins and listing them.  At this point I am not sure how I would title this part of the book.  Any ideas my readers might think of would be greatly appreciated.

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