Fun Little Contest

Well, I am stuck waiting on a perscription and bored out of my mind so it is time for a new post. Two weeks ago I worked a fourteen hour day setting a new cosmetics line in one of my Walmarts. Out of the tired silliness between me and my helper I came up with a short story contest for you all. There is nothing more to win then bragging rights, a good laugh, and writing practice

The idea is to write a 500 word story by the end of May and post it as a comment on this blog post. I will work out a post to gather the stories for scrutiny and voting. Use your real name of screen name as you wish. The hook and tie in to my long work day; however, is to go into a cosmetics Dept. in any store and chose 10 names from cosmetic items. For example, there is a lipstick with the name “he thinks he’s matte cho”. Find ten different names in any order you want, all in a row, all in lipstick, or random. Warning, my example is tame compared to those of the NYX brand I was setting.

Make sure to put the name of each name used in quotes so we can find all ten. This is just for creative fun and can be in any genre you want. Let’s have fun.

4 thoughts on “Fun Little Contest

  1. The [Polished Tango] of Galactic Tourism

    by Robert Garbin

    [Amethyst smoke], from braziers in front of the temple, rose above the massive [bronze statue] of the four headed alien with the moon shining wanly in the distance. The creature was depicted [barely nude] for it was said that females of the species lost all control from the [nude thrill] it gave them, making public nuisances of themselves.

    Whatever legends may have grown in the ensuing millennia, Harry felt the artisan had skillfully worked the bronze with other metals to capture the true skin colors of a living Quanarian; the rising sun made dazzling [copper sparcs] from the belly scales of the Prophet’s statue. Acunian, the famed Quan artist responsible for the statue, even managed to capture the [moon lust] Hunari had by placing his depiction in the northern city of Nicugl where the moon never fully set.

    Harry had saved two years’ salary to pay for the tour of the ten pilgrimage wonders of the known galaxy, which culminated in this stunning dawn service at the temple of Hunari. For five months Harry had carried his [Sinful Stones] so he could cast them at the Prophet’s clawed feet to receive a blessing of enlightenment. He had ordered them on-line from Landon and Killian’s, the galaxies premier retailer, carrying them around his neck in its Tlangold skin pouch the whole tour.

    Harry sighed as the hissing laughter of young Quanarians playing around the statue broke his attempt to recapture the solemn majesty the pilgrimage should have had. Unfortunately, the chaos caused by the recent prank of the [graffiti pop] culture on the Quan home world ruined any such chance. The scene before him was not one of tranquil meditation, but was more an early summer carnival with parents trying to wrangle sugar-fueled children covered in fried food oils. Quan youths were running in and out of the [raisin rupture] the graffiti artist had managed to make flow continuously from the statue’s hindquarters.

    Raisins literally poured out of a stylized rupture where the Prophets anus would have been in an anatomically correct statue. The young Quan dove heads first into the increasing mound of dried fruit, snapping up the sweet treats as fast as they could. Adults scolded the children but their little minds had short circuited with the sheer nonsense of the [graffiti pop] prank, which turned the notion of worship on its heads and scandalized the older generation. Other non-terrestrial pilgrims looked on in horror from the periphery as the realization that thousands of hard earned credits spent making a once in a lifetime pilgrimage were now nothing more than a rainy beach on an overpriced vacation.

    Harry decided to roll with what fate dealt him and tossed his [Sinful Stones] in a trash can then pulled out his video recorder to capture the antics. In two weeks’ time he would be home boring friends and family with the video. Luckily, he was able to capture great shots of four headed aliens catching tossed raisins out of midair. He smiled at the freakishness of it all.

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