Director is Pulling His Hair Out (from my Patreon page)

So, I have spent several hours coming to the conclusion that my idea for using my old computer and old video editing program to make videos for my Patreon page just isn’t going to work.  I began the setup for the third image in the “It’s All Connected Series” taking screenshots of the important steps so that I could load them into Ulead Videoeditor 6 and make a slide show video that I would narrate.

Believe me, this is the most inefficient method of making a tutorial as you can get since it is basically stop motion.  I could put up with that for now if the video quality was good.  Unfortunately, it is not.  I was able to make a temporary video to transfer from the old computer to the new, but playing it back, the images were so blurry that the words, clear in the screenshot, could not be read.  The images and changes were visible but not sharp enough to view details and words no matter what I tried.  So, for now, I am scrapping the idea.

If anyone knows of a decent free video editor, please let me know.  I really want to improve the look and content of my Patreon site but have absolutely no money to do so.  Help!  If you like what I have been posting, please consider helping out so that I can give you better content; which will also be available on youtube since that is how I brought the videos to you so far.  I have lots of great ideas I want to share, but I am not sure how long I can keep doing this.  Help!  Any technical advice, support, or sharing most wholeheartedly welcome and I will try to do something special in return.  Thanks.


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