Request for my Blog Followers

Hey guys and gals, I could use some help.  Now that I am playing with my Ulead Videostudio, I am thinking of changing my tutorial on the Cheetah project from a written entry with images to a full fledged video tutorial.  However, I need a computer camera compatible with my old computer that won’t cost me anything but the shipping and handling.  If you have an old windows xp video compatible internet or other camera laying around collecting dust and wouldn’t mind sharing with someone in need, I could make use of it.  Also, if you have a camera stand for it that would be great but is not a must.  Here are my specifics:


Windows XP 2002 Service Pack 3

Pentium 4 at 1.60Ghz

available USB ports of 2002 timeframe

1.25 GB Ram

Video Editor:

Ulead Videostudio 6


I am trying not to spend money that I don’t have and any help will be greatly appreciated, especially since I am new to all this video tutorial stuff.  Any helpful suggestions on filming video screens would be great too.


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