Underappreciated in my Own Time (from my Patreon page)

Wow, as a director I am underappreciated for the amount of work I am doing?  I should ask myself for a raise.  I was putting images together to essentially make a slideshow of my artwork for my video put the cues for the switches were off by a second in the preview.  Why is this important?  Well, with Ulead Videostudio 6 you can place all kinds of different transition effects between video clips or in this case pictures.  They can only be placed between the pictures, which are placed in the timeline as three-second clips.  Well, what I was running into was that the first effect would work but the following ones would not.  In addition, I noticed that those images would start a second later then they should.

To begin with, I haven’t used this program all that much, so each time I use it, I have to start from scratch.  Also, with all the options on programs of this sort, there never is a definitive manual that can walk you step by step through every scenario that has excellent reference guides.  Finally, it is easy to set some switch to a wrong setting and not realize that you did.  Worse, the program might reset to certain default setup at the beginning of a project.  If you don’t use a program constantly, it is easy to forget that you need to set some switches to another setting.

After fifteen minutes or so of removing and replacing the transitions, changing the length of the videos, and removing pictures and restarting, I noticed a button on the play button.  The button opened a menu that had options for a quick or a high quality preview.  It was set to quick preview.  Aghhhhhhhh.  I chose high quality and, lo and behold, the transitions were all there.  I need a raise from this chump producer.




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