All Natural, No Preservatives (from my Patreon page)

As I have mentioned before, most of my art work comes from natural talent since I have had very little formal training.  However, that does not mean I was born with a pencil and sketch pad in hand, drawing from day one.  In other words, many people are said to have natural artistic talent, including myself, but I wonder if that is truly what they mean.

While I have not had formal training, I have spent a large amount of time experimenting with pencils, pens, paints, and computer rendering programs.  The level of quality and skill you see today is a far cry from what I started with.  So, if it isn’t natural talent that has gotten me to this point, then what has.  I would like to suggest natural creativity.

I was born with natural creativity.  I had a drive so strong to create stuff that I constantly pushed myself to get better with whatever medium I focused on.  When I was young, I spent a lot of time building Lego’s like many boys did, but after making the set as planned, there was a part of me that needed more.  I had to see what I could make on my own.  The same thing happens with my art.  First I try basic things, such as shading and texturing until I find myself wanting to do more.  There is always this drive pushing me to make the next piece better.  I learn something from the last piece I created then find ways to take what I learned into a more difficult project.  Just look at the progression of my digital artwork.

Again, I did not study formally; however, I did spend lots of time honing my techniques through trial and error.  It wasn’t so much a result of natural talent as it was a fact of natural creativity creating a need in me to learn on my own.  Each image I saw of another artist’s work made me wonder how it was achieved.  If I could not find how or could not afford to learn, I would look for ways to replicate the effect in some way with what I had.  To me, this is what truly makes an artist.


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