Breaking the Silence (from my Patreon page)

Sorry I have been a little quiet these last few days.  Tired, contemplative, and busy.  Work always saps more energy out of me then it should be allowed to and lately it has been a struggle.  As for contemplative, I have a lot of projects on the go that work keeps tripping me up on.  I am taking vacation next week and looking forward to fixing some things around the house that have been bugging me for too long.  Also, I have art and writing ideas that are having knock down/drag out battles in my head.  All of them want done.  My goal over vacation is to finally get “Linear Thinkers” put to bed and start on the third in my “It’s All Connected” series, as well as, prep on a project that ties in with my Sapling God post.  I need to chase down where I put the drawings of the arctic fox and polar bear so I can scan them in too.  As I said, a lot going on and I am itching to get to work.

Finally, I am also busy trying to fix a lot of stuff around the house with as little or no money as possible.  Of course you know what that means, a lot of free labor from yours truly.  I made the mistake of not digging under the grass in a section that I wanted to fill with rocks and only laying the weed cover over the grass.  Well, you can guess how that worked out.  Now I need to salvage three or four loads of stone out of the bed and do it correctly.  Did I mention that me and heat do not mix well, no pool and crappy air conditioning.  But I want this fixed.  I am tired of having a weed infested back yard.  Oh and there are so many more tasks but this is the one I want done this year.  So hopefully, I will get a few of these things moving along better on my vacation.  Wish me lots of luck and stay tuned for progress reports.


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