Call Me the Director (from my Patreon page)

As part of improving the look of my Patreon page, I am going to try to make a better video featuring my artwork instead of me.  I am not all that photogenic or expressive.  My passions tend to run deeper than I generally let show on the surface.  My writing is a much better indication of my loves and emotions (yeah, I intend to change the written intro, too.

I have an editing program on my old computer that came from a long gone digital camera.  I once made a video of a day at the drag strip for my friend, complete with fades, titles, and music.  I tend to have a lot of fun doing stuff like that.  So I hope to string together a lot of the images I have shared so far with so information about what I write and paint along with why.  I will post a copy here when I get it done.


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