Can We be Forgiven? (new $1 reward from my Patreon page)

It is time for a story.  This month’s story is “Cast the First Stone” and here is the write-up I did on my Patreon page:

This month’s story is a controversial one.  I sent this one out once and besides some pointers on the need for action, the editor stated that he felt my points were invalid.  Since then I have tried rewriting the story to address the style issues without changing too much of the core.  In addition, I added some writing to clarify the underlying premise of the story but have mostly left the idea as stated.  The idea in a nutshell is God’s, at least as stated by several religions, insistence that a repentant person can gain admittance into heaven.

I decided to take that idea to the extreme in dealing with the issues I have struggled with in that belief.  In other words, if Hitler were to repent or had in a twisted way kept faith with God, would he be admitted into heaven?  So, here are my thoughts, for good or bad, on the subject.  I give you “Cast the First Stone”. “


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