New $5 Rewards added (from my Patreon page)

Here is what I wrote for the rewards:
“I am adding two files this week because I missed the previous upload as well as being late on this one.  The last few weeks have been rather rough for me and I am hoping that will be behind me now.Anyhow, the first file is a jpeg copy of a pencil drawing I did of a clouded eel, which caught my attention because of its distinctive pattern.  I hope to use it as a basis for a water dragon in the future.  The second image is called “Sundiver” and can be seen on my deviantart page.  The idea for this one came from the record breaking free fall jump a few years back.  This was one of my earliest digital images; however, the idea itself did not capture the effect I wanted either.  I wanted the viewer to see the detail of the figure but I also wanted to give the sense of the vastness of the sun and its flares.  In that respect, the image failed.  I may revisit it some day when I come up with a better approach.”


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