Horrible Horror Humbly Handed (from my Patreon page)


Here is the opening for the Horror story I mentioned.  Thought I would give you a taste to whet your appetite, bon appetit.


He couldn’t breathe!  The suit should be providing enough oxygen but it just wasn’t making a difference.  Emergency alarms were buzzing in his ears along with a synthetic voice trying to calm him down, which coupled with his panic made things worse.  He tried clawing at his helmet; unfortunately, fingers softened by thick suit gloves were useless this way.

Air … open, unrestricted breathing had to happen now!  Wheezing frantically, Jack Carson tried to collect his thoughts enough to operate the release on his helmets seal.  His hands fumbled uselessly.  Blazing anger and sickening fear slammed like waves on the shores of his mind, clouding all rationality as he began to hammer his head on the rocky ground he withered upon.  The first few hits almost jarred him enough to stop but the effect did not last and he started again, harder and harder until a jagged crack formed in his faceplate.  With one more powerful blow the glass shattered.  Carson immediately breathed in deeply only to chock as a strong dose of sulfur dioxide entered his mouth.  Retching horribly Jack fell to the ground finally out of strength, his eyes bulging and throat closing from the abuse.  His motions became nothing more than tremors as he began to lose consciousness.   On the edge of death a voice entered his mind, somehow familiar.


Two Weeks Earlier


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