Filler’ Up (from my Patreon page)

I have been watching a lot of Youtube, reading, and playing video games lately.  What has that got to do with writing and painting?  Well, glad you asked.  Everything.  I am constantly looking for ideas that push my boundaries in writing and painting.   I found that Youtube has computer animated short film channels where animator and director students and enthusiasts show off their work.  There are not only interesting stories but also beautiful animations in a variety of styles, which are basically moving artwork.

In addition, I recently read two very good books, both free.  The first one I read was about an AI-driven exploration ship that accidentally harms a civilization by ignoring them when it learns the human ability to lose track of time.  I won “At the Speed of Light” by Simon Morden as an early reviewer e-book from the site where I catalog my book collection and I will put a fuller review on the site.  If you are a reader like me, Librarything is a great place to track your books, get reviews, and win free books.  Not all the books are good but a good number are worth the time.  The second book was a free e-book from a new series by one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson.  “The Way of Kings” was a book I was going to hold off on because of how many were projected in the series and how long it takes to get the next installment; however, when you get a free copy, you know.  The only reason to hold off was that my memory is not as good as it used to be and the two or three-year wait for a book makes for lots of confusion.  I reread the “Stone of Farewell” several times waiting on “To Green Angel Tower”.

Finally, I am a big video game buff, but not only for the play, also for the story telling and artwork that has become on a par with anything coming out of Hollywood, sometimes better.  The story and cinematic scenes in Halo 4, Mass Effect, or Skyrim are amazing.  I drink in the art and writing throughout the gameplay.  Almost anything to do with fantasy or science fiction art or writing inspires me to try harder at what I do.  If you check my archives, you will find posts on Mass Effect and Skyrim, as well as, mention of my collection on Librarything, including reviews.


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