Blink of an Eye (from my Patreon page)

I spent some time this morning searching the internet for the next animal to paint for my “It’s all Connected” series and decided upon a Cheetah.  I was looking for endangered desert animals and was surprised to find out that the Sahara desert had cheetahs, which turned out to be more than perfect since the planets for this image will be Mercury and Venus.  I was looking at desert animals because I wanted to represent the heat of being so close to the sun but also got a bonus with the cheetah.  Mercury is also a messenger of the old Greek Gods who is fleet of foot, being depicted with winged shoes.  Well, the cheetah is living speed, perfect fit.

I already pulled down some reference pictures and very much look forward to working on this one because of the distinctive face markings.  I have to go back later today and look for some Mercury and Venus images for the eyes.


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