Bringing Her Home (from my Patreon page)

I am in the last stretches of my Carrie Fisher tribute.  I ported her image over to the main canvas and gave her a jedi glow, while I played a little more with the Y-Wing placement and extended the exhaust trails to the bottom of the screen.  I may add a few more Y-Wings yet.  Finally, I have started the painting of Alderaan.

I never realized it from the original movie because of how brief an appearance it made, but Alderaan is an icy planet like Hoth except it still has oceans.  Yeah, I know that is how it is depicted in the prequels but I did not like how they portrayed it there.  However, looking at the reference image I am using, you can really see it was meant to be that way.  Hopefully, that will come across in my treatment as well.


One thought on “Bringing Her Home (from my Patreon page)

  1. As I have said, it is almost done. The heavy lifting of the major components is done and I am just adding in effects and a realitively simple planet. After working on it tonight, I find my mind is swimming in the image. Not in a bad way like overwhelmed, but in a good way. I am seeing minor additions that are improving the work immensely. Additions that could not be made nearly as easily in a physical medium, since I would have had to plan them in from the beginning.

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