New $5 Reward (from my Patreon page)

I just up loaded a new $5 reward for my patrons.  It was not as I had hope the finished tribute painting; however, I am very close as the details of the reward mention.  I also noted that I forgot to upload an image on the 26th of March so I owe my patrons an image.  What I think I will do is set up the separate images from the tribute as finished pictures as well when I upload the finished image.  What I plan for the new work in progress is a weekly step by step process starting from the sketches to the finished project with screen shots and explanations.  Anyway, here is what I posted.


I was hoping to have my Carrie Fisher tribute done for here but that did not happen.  I am very close to having Carrie done, which was the toughest part of the whole image for me.  All that is left is to paint in one more iris and tweak the hair.  Putting the rest together should not take long except I still have to create Alderaan, but that won’t be hard.  I should have it all done by next week.

Until then here is an old color pencil drawing of a fish I started but quit on as I got frustrated with the color pencil work.  I still hope to get back into color pencil drawings to practice the things I learned on YouTube.





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