Ah Crap!

Well, I just did another test set up of my Carrie Fisher image on the final canvas with the jedi aura around her.  I am more and more happy with the results, but staring at the image, my quirky mind had to go off on a tangent.  You remember the part of Return of the Jedi where first Yoda and Ben Kenobi appear and then Anakin at a younger age shows up?  All of them wearing jedi outfits.  Well, I was thinking about how Leia would appear.  Would she be a younger version of herself and would she have a jedi outfit; then I remembered Carrie Fisher not being thrilled about the slave girl outfit.  So, imagine if you will, all these great Jedi appearing all conservatively attired and then Leia shows in her skimpy, sexy slave girl outfit.  She takes a look at the guys and then down at herself an says “Ah, crap!”

You are welcome!


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