Writing Imitates Art (from my Patreon page)


As I mentioned yesterday, I have been interested in illustrating my stories for some time.  In this case; however, I am thinking about ways to write a story based upon the ideas I have for a future painting.

The idea for the painting, tentatively title “Persistence of History”, comes from my love of NASA and the American space program.  A picture I encountered on one of my forays into space related materials was of the final resting place of the Apollo 16 capsule in a museum.  What caught my eye immediately was its color under the museum’s lighting.  I love the untarnished color of copper and the color of the plasma burnished capsule is very much like that color, which made me want to capture it.  I felt there was also a strong need to acknowledge the historical history that the spaceship represented so I wanted to do more than just paint it where it currently resides.

Then I was struck with an image of a ghostly space suited hand stretching forth to touch the rediscovered surface of an ancient NASA space craft that had gone through re-entry leaving the ship copper in color.  The hand would be tantalizingly close yet not touching in a scene reminiscent of the obelisk on the moon in 2001.  Sometime in the future, this will be one of my projects.

For now; however, my mind wants to create an entire story with this scene as part of it.  A scene where future man or man from the past is confronted with the ancient remains of a historically significant object.  An object that heralded a change in mankind’s views so completely that they were never the same again.  So, instead of my stories generating images in my head, I now have an image trying to express a story instead.  We shall see.


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