Glory of a Sunset (from my Patreon page)


I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset.  The amazing colors nature produces at these times are almost drinkable they are so intense.  Yes, I realize sunrises have the same effect, but I so rarely get to see those.  Several years ago I spent a lot of time taking photos of sunsets around my home so I would have references for painting whenever I needed.  I have hundreds of sunsets stored in boxes.

Watching the transition of colors from warm yellow to earthy red to cool purple and finally steely blue is very satisfying.  Not just the sky itself, but the clouds as well.  Many times they act as counterpoint to the sky’s color, picking up a rosy red even after the sky has begun to turn dark blue.  Clouds will be bright blasts throughout the display of raw color spread upon the bowl of heaven.  So take time and enjoy a sunset or two in your life; you will be glad you did.


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