New $5 Reward (from my Patreon page)

I just uploaded some new color pencil images I did some time ago.  Two were planning images I used to paint an image onto a friends drag bike.  The bike was done in acrylics and not professional since I did not know how to use an airbrush; thus, it was actually hand painted onto the body.  In addition, the body was only primed, which meant that it was very porous fiberglass with primer on it.  Basically, I had to paint tons of layers because the surface would suck up the paint and make the image transparent.  Would have been great if that was what I was going for.

The last image was a picture done for a friend of my ex-fiance’s who had asked her to paint him something for his fantasy football program.  She had recently taken up painting because of me and thought she could do it but when she asked me for help, instead of trying to teach her, I just did it.  Yes, I can be a bit callous.  Anyway, the image was a play on Fantasy and football.  Enjoy.


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