Taking Flight (from my Patreon page)

Have you ever watched a hawk flying against a cloudy sky with the wind blowing past your ears and felt a connection, as if you were there too?  Maybe it was flying a kite on a windy day with the tug of the string and the clouds for a backdrop.  Your thoughts become filled with magic transcending the silly ideas of duty, responsibility, and life.  You feel like you have stepped into a realm between heaven and earth and for that period of time the world is fine.  This is what it was like for me so often when I was younger.  Too bad life seems to take such magic away from you as you age, because I think the world would be a better place if we could hold onto it.

Although much of my writing seems to be about moralistic problems, the descriptiveness of the scenes and magic comes purely from flying with hawks.  I want to have my readers step away from this world and fly with a raptor somewhere just short of heaven.  I want to unfetter their imagination as I had in mine in my youth.  Making them able to see the magic in a simple bit of reflected light or drifting bit of fog is the goal of my stories.  My readers should enjoy savoring all the nuisances of my tales from the imagery to the word play.  That is what I have always enjoyed in my reading, savoring the emotions and visuals other authors have given me.

Being able to step outside of the cares of everyday life and yet delve into deep issues is one of the amazing abilities that science fiction and fantasy writing has over non-fiction literature.  Even though the main characters can deal with issues as bad as, or worse than, a true person’s past, the uniqueness of the invented world can help readers overcome their preset attitude toward the subject.   The flight of their imagination allows them to see it from a different point of view.

So, the next time you read a story, stop and think for a second.  Did this author every watch a hawk flying against the clouds and imagine being with it?  Did the pull of a taut kite string send them scurrying down some imaginary path?  Finally, can you still remember how to fly?


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